Here's a new take on crying kids on airplanes!

Well, here’s a new idea.

Flight Attendant Fixes That Kid’s Little Red Wagon!


Wow. I’d fucking FLIP OUT if this happened to me and my toddler. It’s one thing if I want to spike his juice with something (I never have, but god has the thought crossed my mind!). But a flight attendant doing it? On the sly? With a prescription substance? Not approved for kids of any age?

His balls would be served on my dining room table the next evening.:eek:

I wish your link worked!

Your link isn’t working for me but I did hear about this this morning. I didn’t, however, realize it was on the sly. He’d be taking a size 12 double E shit if he’d done that to my kid.

Yup, I knew exactly what this was before I opened it.

Try this link, the other one didn’t work.

Did she walk around with the juice for 10 days? :eek:

Um…her link worked fine for me.
Oh, and: What the fuck is wrong with this idiot?

So he also got caught illegally bringing in more drugs in October. He apparently thinks they’re the cure for everything. I wonder if publication of this story will cause any other parents to come forth and say he (Cunningham) tried to get their crying children to drink juice on flights as well. I hope they print his picture as well.

My daughter is 19 months old.

We’re planning on travelling east this April. This will be her first airline flight.

:smack: Why did I open this thread?

Actually beagledave, aren’t you glad you did?

That’s because you’re perfect. :rolleyes:

Shit, sorry about the bum link. Dumb ratfucker link.

It’s at, at the bottom of the page, if anyone wants the local version. Only it’s an AP story, so it’s probably the same.

The guy lives in my town!

If Cranky’s link doesn’t work for you, then change the start of it from http://// to just http://, and the rest will be fine.

Or just click on Cranky’s fixed link.

Thank you, Mr. Comma, for fucking up YET ANOTHER LINK.

I really shouldn’t be allowed to post.

I would hate to be in this situation. I’d probably go mental and hope I have enough for the lawyers to keep me out of jail.

Other parents can do what they want. I’m sure as hell not going to mix high altitude (cabin air pressure is IIRC around 8,000-10,000 feet) and drugs with a little kid. Someone else does it and they are risking her life and that happens over my dead body.

How stupid can people be!? What if that baby had had some kind of allergic reaction or was on other medication that reacted badly with xanax? I’m not usually one to toss around the idea of massive lawsuits, but in a case like this I say take 'em for every last penny they’re worth. You don’t fuck with people’s kids. Period.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

What’s with the roll eyes? Or did you just have to get in your US RDA of snarkiness?


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Snatchface, that rolleyes at Carrot was uncalled for.

Do you think it was? Why?

You’re response seemed a bit pissy to me. Maybe I interpreted it incorrectly, maybe I didn’t, life moves on.

Just relaying some information. And you didn’t.

If anyone cares, it seems that Galeon strips out extra /'s when it parses a URL. (Probably Mozilla too, but I’m too lazy to check.)