Here's one for the SoCals- Fred Rated for Federated!

Yep, YouTube has it all- here’s a collection of hilariously low-production-value Federated Electronics commercials. For those of you who weren’t west coast kids in the late 70’s & early 80’s, Federated hired a DJ named Shadoe Stevens to pimp their stuff on local TV- the results were absolutely hilarious. “Void where inflatable!”


Aw man…some of that brought tears to my eyes. Where have you gone, Fred?! That was beautiful…thank you so much for finding that!

‘Everybody laugh. Ha-HAAAA!’

Is that where I got that? I knew it came from somewhere…

I wish he had shown his wife, Unda.

Thank my brother- he had us rolling on the floor at dinner the other night with them!

He’s currently the announcer for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

For more info, try his home page

Holy crap, vcr’s were expensive back then!

Thanks Moirai! That was hilarious. I’m going to send that link to some of my local friends.

PS- it’s me, EJsGirl… only different! :wink:

Edit- oh but I guess you knew that, seeing the picture thread!

Yeah I saw that you had changed your name when I added pictures to this online picture gallery I am working on. By the way if you want to send another picture of yourself (I’m not a good photographer and I don’t think the one I took at a Dopefest does you justice) then please do so.

Well not ALL of us knew that!

I remember that guy as one of those “celebrities” no one ever heard of who was a semi-regular on game shows. Match Game, or maybe Hollywood Squares?

Cool! I used to see this Phoenix, AZ. Thanks!

He was a square on the 80’s version of Hollywood Squares and was the announcer for the 98 to 04 version.