Here's poop in yer eye!

My advice: when in Chicago, do not linger under the Kinzie Street bridge!

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Well, I should hope so!

T-shirt: I went on an architectural tour of Chicago and all I got was covered in poop!!!

That bus must have been laden with an incredible vulume of poop to carpet bomb an entire tour boat.

Did anybody else read this and immediately think “John Madden”?

We live in a nation of whiners. A little raw sewage in your eye and it’s “I want my money back”.

Feces in your mouth? Boo freakin’ hoo. Back in my day we were glad just to get something warm in our bellies.

I heard that the tourists were all employees of UPS.

What can Brown do for you?

Pffft! That’s nothing…I once got a bit of seagull poop on my shoulder!

Actually, I thought “If you think that’s bad, try living with 3 - 6 diaper-clad children.” (depending on how many the missus is watching that day…)

And I don’t get a refund.

I thought of the George Carlin routine where he claims that swimming in raw shit will keep you from getting polio.

Is that the one where he says “You’ve got an immune system - USE IT!”?

Carlin is a goddamn genius :D.

Yup and yup.

My wife and I took that very boat tour last summer. —shudder—