"Hermann Chersucan", you stupid little neonazi troll.

You were an idiot as Gene Stoner and as infidel , and barking spider , and now as Hermann Cheruscan .

These profiles contain at least 80% of the outright garbage posted here in the last 2 years. And there are all from one poster, who gets banned and comes back again, trying to worm in some of his neonazi crap on the board, with the pretense of fighting “liberals”:
Like this recent pearl of wisdom
I wouldn’t bother with this if there were any doubt in my mind this wasn’t the same person over and over again. Yes we know you live in Kalifornia (sic). Its very easy to spot a flaming bigot…oops I mean “conservative”…here.

I just want to know one thing. Why do you hate Hispanics so much if you claim your wife is one? Does she giggle at your chilito a little too often?

Not that I doubt you for a second, but how can you know that one (banned) poster has re-emerged under a second or fourth name? Writing style? Reiterated subjects?

You seem very sure of what you’re saying, and I’m curious. or maybe you’re just a good guesser?

Yes, please support your accusations. You may be perfectly correct, but I’d like to know how you know.

Regardless, accusations of trollery and sock puppetry are more appropriately addressed to the administrators by e-mail.

Yeah, what he said!