Hero Machine!

What would your superhero look like?

Here’s mine

Is there supposed to be a link to a place we can make our own?

Woops, sorry, here it is. :o

This would have been great when I was playing Champions in the 80’s.

I’ll have to play with it later.

Damn you! I love this thing.

Acutally, this is wonderful. My boss and I have been bugging some of the ilustrators here at work to draw us a superhero that we can blow up and put on our wall. They haven’t gotten us even a sketch in almost a year. This is perfect! Now we can do this all on our own.

Thank you! :smiley:

I’m too old for this. So why can’t I stop??

I used to be hooked on the Hero Machine…'til I discovered City of Heroes and its character generator. You have to buy the game and pay a $15 monthly fee, but it’s worth every penny IMHO. The character design feature is enough to make your head a-splode.

Here’s my creation.