HeroMachine 2.0

A thousand apologies if I’m the last person on earth to see this, but I spent way too much time having fun with this today:

HeroMachine 2.0

Here’s what I REALLY look like:


Now you know! :smiley:

I was addicted to Hero Machine 1.0 for a while. About a year ago I paid by credit card for HM 2.0, but never received any instructions on how to access it. I sent them two follow-up emails and got no response. :mad:

The inner me.

“It was well worth the loss of an eye to take to refuse of god’s failures, and triumph!:smiley:

I’ve done a bunch. A few of my favourites:

(All characters from some superhero stories I’ve been playing with since 9th grade.)

Shadow Jack


And Three


Not like me at all, but just so my twiddling won’t go to waste.

Blue Force

I was bored and created a nice little guy that I’m actually sort of proud of but I’m a luddite and don’t have a site to host a picture so I can link to it. Feh.

After posting that, I remembered I have an AOL webpage that I never use and after poking around a bit, saw that I could still access it so here’s my hero. Name forthcoming.