Heroes Season 2 DVD - worth buying? No spoilers please...

I was a fan of Heroes, the first season. There is just something exciting about ordinary people finding that they have powers, and the different type of plot arcs kept me interested, as well as the variety of the powers and how kick-ass the villain is.

I haven’t been able to watch Heroes 2 (In fact, Singapore just started to run it here…) and I have see the DVD out at the local HMV. The thing is, after I see the Wikipedia on Heroes season 2 that

Kensin(sp?) is actually 900+ years old, I immediately deduce that he is going to be the ultimate bad guy, and from what I have heard, it is true

then I find it to be terribly cliche and decides not to bother with it.

Now that I caught news that Season 3 is out…

So dopers, should I check out Heroes season 2? Will it tarnish my memories of the first season? Thanks in advance!

In my opinion, no; the first season is far superior. I blame the writer’s strike for the lack of quality and quantity in season 2. It does have its moments, but not enough to justify the cost IMO.

Plus it has some incredibly annoying new characters; all of whom should be immediately mangled and killed as soon as season 3 starts. Especially West and Mayaaaaaa.

Regarding your spoiler;

[spoiler]Takezo is 400 years old, Hiro met him when he time travelled back to feudal Japan, where he discovered he had the same ability as Claire.

Uber spoilers:

Living 400 years gave him a case of the galloping crazies, as he was the Big Bad who wanted to release the virus and press Earth’s reset button. I’m 99% sure he won’t be the Big Bad in season 3, though - I have my own theories on that. Plus he’s 6 feet under, thanks to Hiro.[/spoiler]

~350 years old, actually.

The part you worried about didn’t bother me, but between some new, unlikable characters and a few people taking the Idiot Ball and running with it, I wouldn’t buy it.

Do you have a local Library that does box-sets? That’s the way i’m going.