Heroin Should Be Illegal

Way more subtlety than I need.

No one believes that banning anything will magically eliminate any problem. But making heroin a constitutional right so that everyone can own as much heroin as they want, and sell it openly with out government control, will certainly make the problem worse. Your attempt the make the perfect the enemy of the good does nothing to justify what ever point it is you are trying to make.

Whatever it thinks it’s babbling about, it’s pretty stupid.

Legalizing heroin would probably save lives! Gun control would also save lives.

Sorry to interrupt. Back to the show where a 3rd-grader tries spouting “irony” to get applause from the stupider 2nd-graders.

Sweet Jesus, this went downhill quickly.

Don’t be a downer, Man.

I’m confused… What was the OP’s point? That criminalizing heroin doesn’t work, therefore we should make it legal? Terrible point. It’s illegal now and still kills tens of thousands. What if it were legal and more readily available? Would that number go down or up?

I think he was trying to make a point about gun control: that gun fetishists are broken people, unable to make rational decisions about their own well being; like junkies.

So what you’re saying is we should legalize murder, since prohibition has been completely ineffective at making sure nobody is murdered.


The OP is trying to be clever wrt gun control.
And failing. He evidently needs some harder stuff to inject his rhetoric with. Well, Waymore, friend, I know a guy who won’t leave you nepenthing…

I don’t recognize the OP and so am not familiar with his participation the gun control [del]fiascoes[/del] threads here. Does he have a record of being militantly anti-gun control?

“You heroin grabbers will get my heroin when you pry it from my cold dead hands…”

  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Ah, thank you for clarifying; the OP’s point was so ham-handed I thought it came from someone who was on drugs.

False dichotomy!

Down, I think. Overdoses, dirty needles, and heroin-related crime are largely due to its criminalization.

I’m not sure legalizing heroin is a good idea, but it is a more benign drug than, for example, methamphetamine.

Is he trying to make a argument in favor of gun control? Like heroin kills 47,000 people so it’s illegal, therefore we should make guns illegal because they kill 13,000 people.

Quit dragon my name through the mud.

God, I love mass media reporting.

I don’t know where 47,000 came from - the (keep clicking links, there is real data in there somewhere) actual study referred to medical codes - and the mass media changed that to ‘Opioid’; how that got to ‘Heroin’ is probably the OP’s fault.

It now seems that if, after I take a pain pill (opiAte) and have a 787 crash onto my house, my death will be classified as ‘opiOId-related’.

This is not helpful.

(whatever crap the OP was trying to say)

If it takes two pages for people to figure out what the hell your thread is about, you suck.

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time… :smiley:

All the good guys should have heroin on their person at all times, that way they won’t have to worry about bad guys injecting them with drugs.

Drug Free Zones at schools are just big gubmint sticking their nose in our business and putting our little non-gear-carrying junkies at risk from being injected with unwanted drugs. Won’t someone think of the children!