Heroin Should Be Illegal

I am absolutely appalled to read that over 47,000 people died last year in the US from the use of heroin and other opioids.

What are our leaders thinking, leaving people to consume drugs as if they should be able to dictate what does and does not go into their bodies?

I demand that heroin be made illegal IMMEDIATELY.

Lesser narcotics should only be available by prescription. These two simple steps will ensure that next year, zero people die from drug overdose.

That’s the way it is now.

I sense the OP is attempting irony. But if he’s actually arguing in a ironic fashion that drugs should be legalized, he chose a poor way to do it. Citing the fact that 47,000 people have died from heroin abuse is more likely to make people thing banning heroin is a good idea.

Or maybe I’m misreading his intent and he’s trying and failing to make some other point. I’ll await further posts.

It’s a post about gun control, right?

Only if you intend to shoot up.

I was thinking it was something to do with smoking, which kills 150 million Americans a year or sumthin, being legal whereas poor old heroin which kills far less because it is illegal, is unfairly illegal.
However, supposing him to be sincere, maybe he could say what he’d prefer them to die of.
Anyway, doesn’t seem a very painful death.


How in the world are you all taking this so lightly? Thousands of people are dying because the government refuses to criminalize drug use and you guys are making jokes? Fie and shame.

Bravo to you sir. Punning while Rome burns.

CDC says about 500,000 deaths are linked to smoking each year. That’s out of a current use population of 40,000,000. Gives a death rate of 1 out over every 80.

Dumb number given not all deaths are associated with current users. Heroine strikes me as having a narrower “death by” window.

Say the same death rate exists for heroine and that gives you about 4 million users. Seems high.

Lame pitting is lame.

Now you’re just talking smack.

We should give all heroin addicts free plastic spoons so they use a clean one each time. That would cut down on the spreading of diseases.

Nah, he’s on his high horse.

Quit needling the OP.

Looks like everyone is trying to inject some humor.

see post 2 supra.

Tie off your puns and let me know why the government doesn’t make heroin illegal, because once it’s illegal nobody will die from heroin OD.

How else should we respond to this junk?

By taking the high road.