Heroin Should Be Illegal


That’s bang on.

You want to stick to the major arteries.

That doesn’t sound like a post in the same vein as the OP.

This thread might look a lot better in Daylight.

This whole thread is morphine into something the OP didn’t plan on.

Yeah, definitely straying from the main line of the OP.

Think again. I knew the thread would be drug in this direction.

This thread is doing a line just fine.

Eh, you’re just trying to cover your tracks.

Nah, it’s one toke over the line.

You’re right. I should soberly consider what I’m posting from now on.

You can freely make baseless claims if you choose, but I’ll not be a party to such trafficking in dopey ideas.

What if the sunshine’s blue?

This is the only time in my life I find myself wishing I knew more drug slang.

Gee, again America gets it wrong.

In Switzerland, the government lets you shoot up free heroin in government clinics.

The result:

Perhaps America needs government sponsored shooting galleries… We could call them militias or something. Free guns and ammo as long as you use them on the premises only.

Yeah, I was trying to think of one but it seems this thread’s already had the works.

More people die from the Double Double

The US does exactly the same thing already, but they substitute orally-ingested methadone. There are methadone clinics everywhere in the U.S. How are you not aware of that?

Why not just make it illegal? Because once something is illegal everybody stops doing it for all time and nobody dies.