Hershey Squirts

A “friend” of mine has a problem with these. No matter how much he wipes, all his undies are brown in the ass… he, naturally, thinks this is pretty gross. Any thoughts as to how he might stop this embarrASSing problem?

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Shouldn’t be a problem as long as you friend stays out of the emergency room. I guess it would also require some explaining during a one nighter. Doing laundry in a public place could also be a mother.

But seriously folks, try some fiber in your diet, helps keep your “shit together”. Another possibility could be a prolapsed butt hole; one that doesn’t close all of the way. Your not putting anything up there are you?


I just thought of one more thing that is probably the most important. Make sure you’re not having any rectal bleeding. That could be the source of your friends skid marks and could be very serious.


I can’t help you with your “friend’s” problem, but I can suggest that for the purposes of this thread “If you need a graphic solution, (your web site)” may not be the best sig.

Here is a quote you can take for what it’s worth, considering the source:

“Floating poop is an indication that the food you’re eating is properly balanced, not too contractive and not too expansive. If it’s hard and sinks you’ve probably eaten too much protein. If it has a sheen and leaves skid marks, too much sugar.”

----Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."

Ah, how appropiate. Say, just how did you know this about your friend? Hm, I know not a polite way to ask that.

Anyway, seems pretty serious. I’d take myself to the doctor, maybe Doctors on Duty. It could be bacteria, hemmoroids, etc.

My friend’s little sister got hold of her essay and started writing about HSs. Makes me giggle impossibly whenever I read it:
"I was almost happy then I farted and I was sad. Gas makes me so unhappy, but what makes me really unhappy is the hershey squirts. You notice how the hershey squirts looks like chocolate, I guess that’s why them damn people who call it that, call it that. One thing that makes me happy, though, is burping, 'cuz most of the time burping doesn’t smell as bad.
Another thing that makes me unhappy is when people piss and take shits in teh river [the essay was about “On the Rainy River”] 'cuz you know that river water is the only thing keeping me alive right now (sick bastard shit sucking vampires). Anyways, I almost lost it there for a second, back to the subject, you know if I urinated and so forth in teh river then someone sure as hell would hunt me down and eat me for their breakfast and then hershey squirt me out later on that day.]
Man, she’s weird!

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Hmmm…A “friend” huh? A very “close” friend I would imagine. Yeah, yeah, thats the ticket.

Easy, tell your “friend” to get brown or black underwear!!! But seriously, just tell him to wipe his ass properly. The proper ass wiping technique will go a long way.


Yer pal,

voltaire, yeah, how many questions get asked by people saying its about a ‘friend?’

Anyway, they can try A little bit of soap & water …

how do I know if my ass whiping technique is improper or proper? they didnt teach this shit in school ya know… haha

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For that, you’d have to ask a dominatrix or something. :wink:

A) Obviously, if he’s having such messy bowel movements, he needs to improve his diet.

B) If it’s simply a matter of skid marks, I have tha answer, because I am obsessed with having a tidy butt and I do it myself: BABY WIPES. Dry toilet tissue is insufficient, in my view. And seeve a bidet, the only other answer is a damp cleansing wipe. Baby wipes. They are cheap and effective. I buy 'em at Costco by the case, just like my TP…heaven forfend Y@K should break down the supply lines and I find myself with a dirty butt.


I am #1. Everyone else is #2 or lower.

God, this is funny! I feel stupid :o I thought this was a new brand of candy! LOL

My Vanilla, arent we closeted? :slight_smile:

On that thought: Ew!

Stoidela, are they flushable?

We used to have a school paper column at UCSD, called ‘Wipe with This’

Still intestinal bacteria can also have this effect for sometime. You can find that out if you take some antibiotics.

Moistened wipes often help.

Diet might help.

He might have hemorrhoids. Certain types are not necessarily painful, but interfere with proper function of the sphincter.

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Simple: stop wearing undies.

Well, my prob… Imean, my friends problem hasn’t stopped, despite on, occasion, wipeing until raw. Are those baby wipes flushable? That might be a good idea. Also, how do I know if it’s a bacteria? My, er… friend has had stool cultures done, to no avail. Anyway, lemme know.

I was going to say what Stoidela said.And Yes they are flushable.