Skid marks

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A friend of mine said that her last husband left hash marks on all of his underwear. I’ve heard other women complain about the same thing.

What’s the deal with these people? Don’t they think it’s at least odd that they leave feces on their underwear? Do they not see it? Do they think that the purpose of underwear is to wipe their bums as they walk? Why would they not clean their bottoms after defecating?

Or am I just anal about anal hygene?

Tommy Toilet sez: Don’t forget to wipe your ass folks!

I am skid free.

I wipe with adult wipes, after the usual toilet paper wipe.

I know men who are proud of their skid marks. I am not that kinda man.

Why are they proud? We’re talking about men. Ever see some dating shows? If it weren’t for alcohol, some men would never get laid.

Also, there are alot of disgusting women. Really.

Do women leave skidmarks on their unerwear?(think so)Or our princesses are faultless?

IF I do underwear, it comes off at night clean enough to be put back in the drawer. My wife doesn’t let me do that though.

Moist paper towels then dry it with regular TP and you won’t have that problem.

Another stain free dude checking in. The solution to the problem is the three S’s.




Train yourself!

Good God, I find it hard to believe that anyone would put stained underware in a drawer. Haven’t these people heard of detergent, and maybe some Shout or Spray and Wash. :rolleyes:

My ex’s solution to this problem was the three Bs:





Wow. That’s quite a lot of derision.

I probably I should just keep my trap shut, but, yes, I have skidmarks in my underwear.

I clean myself carefully, and still I get them. It’s not like there are great clumps of feces clinging to my underpants. Little brown lines just . . . appear there. I honestly think there have to be some differences in anatomy and/or physiology between people, because for some folks they just seem utterly unthinkable, but I’ve never found a way to defeat them.

I get them every day, so I’m not going waste time pretreating every damn pair of underwear I own to remove stains, just so they can reappear the next time they’re worn. Aside for it being a waste of time, using strong stain-removers and scrubbing with every washing has got to wear yer undies out quicker. And, after all, we’re talking about the crotchal area of underwear. It’s not something any other human being ever has to look at, other than my husband, and he (despite being relatively skid-mark free himself) has never complained. I wash my underwear in hot water with detergent, so it’s not like they’re unhygenic. I have had exactly one vaginal bacterial infection in my entire life, and I know exactly how I got it and it had nothing to do with my undies. I have had no other troubles Down There at all, so I don’t believe it’s a health issue.

So. There you go. Feel free to be disgusted, but I’ve had skid marks all my life, and I’m unlikely to ever change.


How did the woman in the OP find out there were skid marks on the guy’s underwear? Was she washing them, or specifically looking for skid marks? If it’s the first, that seems somewhat normal, and I can understand why she’s grossed out (you’d think after the first few times he got skids he’d learn to wipe better). If it’s the second, well, that’s kind of weird. It seems odd that someone would plow through a guy’s (or girl’s) undewear drawer looking for skids. Yuck.

… like, say, quantity and location of body hair…

There is the odd occasion when, y’know, you feel you could go on wiping all day and never get 100% clean. If you’re out and about and don’t have access to a shower then a pair might have to take a hit for the team. I accept that. But surely the mark will come out with goddamm hot water and detergent? Wash your undercrackers, people!

Some people are not fortunate enough to have flawless GI tracts; some eat things that produce gas and anal leakage; some have chronic problems that result in a constant discharge; some are just old, and have lost a little tone in the ol’ sphincter.

No, it doesn’t wash out. If it’s been in the laundry bin for a week or two, it may set. Some people have a little blood mixed the leakage – that happens when you have chronic bowel inflammation. Those people wouldn’t have spotless underwear if they stripped three times a day and pretreated with bleach.

Count your blessings, *ssholes.

Hmmm, it could be the infamous prehensile anus at work. :smiley:

Philster, I’ve been having a crummy afternoon, so I thank you so very much for the hearty laugh your post got from me.

[sub]What, you thought I came in here to admit I have skid marks?[/sub]

Thank God someone finally said it, even though it took 13 posts.

I can wipe until there’s nothing left; not even an odor comes off on the paper. And still, a half an hour later, I’ve got to go back into the bathroom and wipe again. There’s always some straggling leakage. I’ve been that way since childhood.

And, surprise… that’s what underwear’s for!.

I don’t think skid marks are that uncommon just really gross…I haven’t had any since I was 9 but that is also when I switched from tighty whiteys to boxers in any color but white. I do think that washing your butt crack is one of the most important things to do in the bath or shower, nothing worse than a person who doesn’t wash their butt crack.

After finding out the hard way that even the slightest contact between even the minutest amount of fecal material (can you say “fecal coliform”?) and my vaginal region produces a raging infection the likes of which can bring me to tears and last for days, I would rather wipe my ass bloody raw with a rough paper towel than leave a skid mark.

Baby wipes are my best friend.

People don’t? :confused:

I apologise to those who have some sort of condition that causes leakage. It never occured to me. I thought hash marks were just a hygene problem.

I learned early to only take a dump in a bathroom, so that I could always take a quick shower. :stuck_out_tongue: :o ;j