What do you do to avoid "skid marks" in your undies?

I’m trying to make a poll out of this, but options will be limited by by my limited imagination, so you will have to cut me some slack.

Do you worry about getting skid marks on your undies? If so, in ways do you try to avoid them?

Black undies.

Anyway, more seriously, which adult gets skid marks apart from lazy dirty slobs ? That’s a child thing.

I guess the most obvious way: wipe better.

I don’t recall having skid marks since I was a kid. If you’re particularly hairy you could break out the wet-wipes, or use a bidet, or shower.


Fiber, proper use of toilet paper. No problem.

I just wipe until it’s clean, and I usually do my morning movement before my morning shower.

I never had one of those, I dunno, I just wipe myself well I guess.

I don’t understand why this is a problem for people. Toilet paper is not hard to use. Wipe your ass till all the shit’s gone. The end. How hard is that?

It wouldn’t hurt to wipe once in a while.

The definition of surprise is a fart with a lump in it. Shit happens.

I’ll just mention that old people and some of the disabled have incontinence problems. It’s not laziness, it’s lack of control over bodily functions. As we have some older and/or disabled Dopers that might apply to some people taking the poll.

The person in my family who is currently having the most issues with this sort of thing keeps a stack of clean underwear in the bathroom and a diaper pail for the dirties. Sad fact is that person doesn’t always make it to the toilet on time. Clean up does occur promptly, but damage control is required on top of attempted preventive measures.

I wipe well.

Ah yes. The “shart”. You think you’ve got a nice one in the pipe and you get ready to let it rip only to find that it was hiding a stowaway.

I have a bidet attachment (Ace Bidet, under $100 per toilet) on every toilet in my bathroom. I use toilet paper to blot dry my clean, shiny ass.

You have more than one toilet in your bathroom? That’s commitment.


Um, I wipe my ass properly.

**johnpost **: Nah, that just gets skid marks on your slacks.

I feel blessed to not have farts, just a loud stomach. My stomach is the farter. But when it’s your stomach, it’s way easier to just be like, oh digestion or hunger rumble or whatever.

As do I. I stopped having skidmarks really fast after my grandmother decided one carrying out “inspections” whenever I was at her house (which was alot).