He's my hero !

I just gotta share this;

My husband and I made a stop at the bank this afternoon, almost drove by, pressed for time, stopped anyway.

I sat in the car, pretty much staring into space.

My eye was attracted to a gathering crowd and as I turned my head to see there were a zillion police cars and ambulances converging on the bank. I got out of the car and raced to the bank thinking, bombs?, hostages?

The police are everywhere, and lots of bank employees, the bank is sealed and the only other person inside would be – my husband.

I begin to ask the other onlookers, what happened here? These were latecomers with no sure answers but it seems the bank has been robbed.

Now I’m looking through the windows at my husband. So I ask, “Not by that guy?”, they don’t know. There was a struggle, there was money everywhere, that much they know.

So I tell someone, through the glass doors, “that’s my husband”, so they took me into the side door and upstairs but the bank was still sealed.

They didn’t know much up there either. But they sat me down and gave me a glass of water. They knew a customer had thwarted a robbery.

Remembering he had his cell phone I called him and told him he was always a hero to me.

The details, the guy ahead of him in line, at the next teller, he overheard say, “Do it. Do it now!” He was under the impression they knew each other. When he next looked up he said he expected to see the teller grinning at her friend, but he could tell from the look on her face something was amiss.

The robber had stacks of money in each hand and managed to drop one and bent down and swiped at it then took flight. My guy took after him, tackling him to the ground near the glass doors and bouncing off the table thingy. Robber gets free, my guys brings him down again, wrestling him through the doors and out onto the street pressing his face into the sidewalk. Another bank employee entered the fray at this point and the polic arrived.

Robber guy was 5’11", 160-180lbs, not visibly armed.

My guy, 5’3", 135 lbs, 54 yrs young. Had little guy syndrome as a young man, played football in school, wrestled, gymnastics.

Now you gotta understand, my guy is the gentlest, kindest, sweetest dispositioned kind of fellow. He’s a ‘do the right thing’ kind of guy.

However, as it happens our lives at the moment are hugely trying, his Mom had a stroke, permanently bedridden, we’re trying to keep her in her own home, we both have two jobs, we live in seperate places, except weekends, we need to find a house so we live all together, nobody sells their house this time of year, it’s been seven months of living an impossible life. I’ve already had a little breakdown, and he’s getting close. In fact, he was bitching about how he was ready to snap as we were driving to the bank. (We were supposed to go look at a house though he has no free time, I had pointed out that it was our only hope for our life to improve.)

This guy picked the wrong guy to piss off today and my guy got rid of some his frustrations!

We went out for a bite to eat at our local pub, but I was forbidden to tell anyone about the days events.

The police want to get him a citizen’s citation or some such, he’ll hate that.

I just got in, what a strange turn of events my afternoon held. They even mentioned him on our local news, as in, customer thwarts robbery.

Hee, Hee, Hee.

He’s got a few bumps and bruises but we were both howling with laughter when it was all over.

I just had to share these events or I was going to burst.

So, how was your day?

Congratulations! Brave man. Glad he wasn’t hurt.

Three cheers for your guy!

Reminds me of the time a guy did that at a BofA branch across the street from where I worked then (for Wells Fargo).

Customer foiled a robbery and the robber ran. After a few blocks the police were able to catch him.

Of course, the customer got shot in the head in the process. But he was given a hero’s welcome by the press.

I’m glad it worked out ok, and he wasn’t hurt; but it wasn’t really a bright thing to do. The money is insured, the robber wouldn’t get much from a single teller, and the FBI is very efficient at catching bank robbers. Both of the branch managers I know well have been through several robberies each, and in each case their greatest fear is that a customer is going to play hero.

I know I am raining on a parade here (I have a reputation for that, I hear), but it really isn’t an action to be encouraged.

That was lovely :smiley:

Seriously, that is wonderful. He took quite a risk and I’m glad he wasn’t hurt.

He’s my hero too!!!

Good job.

Good for him!
Glad he wasn’t hurt.

i’m glad to hear that all turned out well.

i’ll bet the bank will give him “favourite customer” status from now on.

What a great husband you have! I’d be so proud.
(And isn’t it just a thrill when a short man takes out a big one? I love short guys.)

WOW! That is so awesome! Way to go, Mr. elbows! :smiley:

You must be so proud of your honey! I’m glad everything turned out well, and that he was unhurt.

Ummm, I’m proud too, but a disclimer. Don’t ever do that!!! A robbery, contray to popular belief, ain’t gonna hurt the bank much. My brother works at a bank, and their policy is to give the robber all the dough s/he wants and more, and not set off the silent alarm unitl the robber leaves. The smoother things go for the robber, the less of a chance there is for people getting hurt. No amount of money is worth a human life.

Sorry for the rant, but the thought of someone doing this at my brothers bank, and he gets shot in the process… well, they turned off the heat in my room, but the thought makes me even colder.

Pay no attention to the obfusciatrist and relic behind the curtain.

Be proud.

…today’s paper had a photo of the back of me as I was finally being let into the bank.

Beneath the photo, the story was summed up as ‘Bank Heist Thwarted’, hubby was refered to, erroneously as ‘passerby’, while I was refered to as ‘unidentified woman’. Ah, the fame, the glory! Hee, Hee.

The bank called this morning to say they had a trauma counsellor in town to help out their employees, thought hubby might want to meet with them. He didn’t.

One more interesting detail, to later emerge, the robber apparently had his pants on inside out! Oh, and he dropped his parole card during the struggle, not that it mattered as he didn’t get away.

Neither hubby, nor I, need be reminded how foolish this really was. But he claims he wasn’t thinking - just reacting.

Oh, and hubby has a big ole bruise, and some sidewalk burn on his bean.

We stopped into the pub tonight and he took his licks from his hammer head friends. In fact, the fire alarm malfunctioned when we were there, going off eratically and unexpectedly every now and again. Every time it happened his idiot friends would yell across the bar, “Buddy, do something about that would you?”

When I asked my good buddy the waiter for the copy of the photo from the paper, he said ‘Forget it’. So I said, “Better watch it, or I’ll get my husband to beat you up!”. Huge laugh.

Dear, my comment wasn’t really directed at you and your Hubby, but at the wannabe heros out there who will look at this and say “I can do that!”

I’m sorry for raining on your parade, it was a gut reaction.

throws confetti for elbows hero!