He's NOT the Messiah! ...And We Never Said He Was!

Whenever I hear someone refer to “The Messiah” in a political context, I always assume they mean Ronald Reagan. That guy is worshiped like nobody else. Still takes me by surprise when I figure out they mean Obama. Some conservatives have worshiped at the alter of Reagan for so long they have started to think everyone thinks like that.

To be fair, I’ve seen the same shit about Reagan. There are fringe elements in both sides of the political spectrum. The vast majority of conservatives view Reagan as a good president, but just a president. It’s the same damn thing with Obama. You may scoff at my observation, but the mirror image of the people who want to name every damn bridge and airport after Reagan are going to want to name other bridges and other airports after Obama.

Neither were the second coming, but there is a fringe element on both sides that forgets what the Presidency is, and worships them.

This is the just standard Rovian trick of trying to use your opponent’s strengths against him. Obama was a breath of fresh air after 8 years of bumbling ineptitude. As a result he was highly popular and inspiring much the same way Reagan was/is among the Republicans. Since the Republicans don’t have anyone who is remotely as popular or inspiring they have taken the view that being popular and inspiring is a bad thing. Bringing in large crowds now meant that you were prototype Hitler. Inspiring people meant that you were a cult leader and those who you inspired were brain washed.

Same thought process that made it better to not show up for to your Air National guard duty than to win a silver star in Vietnam.


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Well, there was also one of his huge campaign speeches, I think, where he said to a slobbering crowd, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” I think that was the actual wording. Anyway, while he did say “we”, the setting gave credence to the impression that “I’m here, now. All will be fixed.”

It’s too bad Ron Paul will never be elected president. If that happened, and he is able to implement even less of his agenda than Obama could, the drooling sycophancy of his supporters sure would look silly. Well, sillier than it does already.

Huh? Seems to me that the implication is the exact opposite of what you suggest, especially when taken in context:

The message of that is clearly, “It’s not about finding ‘The One’ or a political ‘Messiah’, it’s about getting off our asses and working to improve our own circumstances for ourselves, ordinary mortals though we be.”

Which is not at all like the message “I’m here, now. All will be fixed.” I think it would take a fairly irrational hysterical liberalphobe to be able to genuinely confuse the two.

So no wonder magellan01 thinks that way.

Well, I dunno that he was actually claiming that as his own impression of Obama’s remark, just suggesting that Obama’s remark might have given others that impression.

If Obama’s the Messiah, where’s his long form Messiah certificate?

If the crowd had been stupid enough to think that, they would have all gone to a Republican rally.
Have you always had this trouble disbelieving pronouns?

What on earth are you talking about? Since when did conservatives think that “you” folks think that Obama is “The Savior”, “The Chosen One”, “The Messiah” or “The Perfect One”? Is this a joke? Also, who is “we”? You and yourself? You and your political party? You and your political allies? You and your political friends? You and your friends? You and your family?

Many political conservatives also fought against womens suffrage, medicare, medicaid, social security, the minimum wage, ending child labor, abolition of slavery, FMLA, etc. They were all radical social, political and economic policies at one point, opposed by proponents of the status quo.

I have no idea why there is no sense of historical perspective on modern politics. It is like life before 1980 never happened in US politics.

Liberals must think he’s the Messiah since so many conservatives think he’s the anti-Christ. Q.E.D.

Remember what happened to Trent Lott when he praised Strom Thurman? Was it for violating the Conservative amnesia requirement, or failing to make hay of the fact that Strom’s greatest sins were committed before he joined the GOP?

Do you have a brain tumor? You don’t even understand the meaning of what you just quoted.

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It is more about how people treat him then being called the messiah. Not that this term is any different then any recent term in my memory. The hypocrisy is delicious. Many of the complaints about the previous admin, that were defended by the previous partisan party, and now complaints about this POTUS, and this current party defend them.

It is all part of the partisan hackery game.

Why, yes, when you look at it that way, Obama is just like Bush! And you know what that means? Means that is a very stupid way to look at it!