He's NOT the Messiah! ...And We Never Said He Was!

Dear Conservatives,

We do not think Obama is “The Savior”, "The Chosen One, “The Messiah” or even “The Perfect One”. We never have, it is all in your heads (although I am sure if you scour the Internet you will find SOMEBODY who thinks that). Using it as some sort of “Gotcha” rheotrical devise is as idiotic as saying “Dummycrats” or even “Rethuglicans”. It revelas far more about your character than the folks you are trying to pander to.

Fuck You

I disagree. Obama was the chosen one in November of 2008, and with any luck will be the chosen one again this November. He will not be the chosen one in 2016.

No capital letters needed, though.

You must have gotten made fun of a lot at school with a name like that. My condolences.

I don’t know. I can’t think of too many funny rhymes for “Fuck You”

Certainly none that come as easily as “John, John the Leprechaun” :frowning:

As a kid in the 1960’s when my parents were involved in Civil Rights, the phrase “nigger-lover” was often heard. It wasn’t said only by obsessive racists (I know because we met them too, and saw the difference), but by nice, conformist people who were more concerned with keeping things understandable than with thinking carefully about what was right and wrong. “Nigger” is now a bad word, but that mindset is still human nature.

It was a bad word in the 60s too.

I had forgotten that phrase ever existed. I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

And we had to walk our non sequiturs uphill both ways! In two feet of snow!

I used to think this thing about them saying that Obama supporters consider him a Messiah or whatever didn’t make much sense, I just kinda chalked it up to them worshiping their leaders and assuming we did too. It never seemed a very satisfactory explanation, though.

It never occurred to me that it’s their dog-whistle version of “nigger lover”. That really makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Of course he’s not the Messiah - he’s a very naughty boy!

/come on, how am I the first one to make that joke?/

Hey bup, I’ve been called a nigger-lover, and I’ve been told I worship Obama as a Messiah because he assauges my liberal white guilt. Different words, same tune.

Conservatives: fought fair housing and shool integration 50 years ago, and now deny ever having done so. That was somebody else who called themselves a word that only sounded similar, like the Macabees of Israel and the Macabebes of the Phillipines.

OK, I get it now. I’m kind of slow today.

You’re still old, though.

Yeah, I’ve made the argument that it’s pure projection from right winger authority worshippers, but I think Slithy Tove has nailed it here.

Beats the alternative.

I’ve said this before, but what amuses me most about the wingnut “The One” fetish is that it used to be OK to be “The One” on their side of the partisan divide:

Nixon’s The One!

So can we have Neo as our candidate?

It’s all part of the left’s War on Religion. Or whatever the current Fox News war of the day is.

What with all the recent calls to stop using the phrase “The War on _______”, it’s probably The War on Wars.


I live in Tea Party Country and this idea that Democrats think Obama is “The One” is prevalent around here. When I asked about it, I was told that on a an Oprah Winfrey show, she referred to Obama as “The One” and that is where the idea comes from.

I’m not sure how we get from one woman saying this to all liberals agreeing with it, but there you go.

Winfrey tells Iowa crowd: Barack Obama is ‘the one’ http://edition.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/12/08/oprah.obama/index.html

The actual quote is not even very dramatic, she said "“We need a president who can bring us all together. I know [Barack Obama] is the one.”