Theocracy NOW!

This just in - it’s time to lay in canned goods and head for the hills.

The Messiah has come - and he’s wearing an expensive suit, and he wants your paycheck.

Seems to be a multi-cultural cult, so not just Black nutcases are joining.

No more of the this communion wine nonsense - Flavor-aid for all!


I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I do not consider Barack Obama to be the Messiah.

I’m probably going to vote for him, though. Hope you don’t mind that.

Last night Obama clarified that he was not born in a manger. Also, the name Barack is Swahili for “that one” not the anointed one.

He is not the messiah, he’s just a naughty boy!

Twenty two minutes to the appropriate quote! Congratulations to Mighty Girl!

Only the true Messiah denies His identity.



Huh? I admit it’s hardly worth trying to parse anything Farrakhan has to say for common sense or logic, but it seems very clear from the text that he’s calling Obama “the herald of the Messiah”, not the Messiah per se:

(Whatever “the herald of the Messiah” is supposed to be. I have no idea what the theology of the Nation of Islam is on this point. Real Islam, AFAIK, doesn’t have the idea of a coming messiah or savior in its mainstream theology.)

Anyway, this soteriological glurge doesn’t sound significantly different from Christian right-wingers hailing Sarah Palin as “a modern-day Esther” and “the chosen vessel of God”:

Whaddya mean, “just in”? This speech by Farrakhan was delivered in February, and these references to it have been going the rounds of the intertubes for over a week. Is this supposed to be the McCain campaign’s “October surprise” or something?

God has already picked sides, so don’t worry. God has special place for those Muslim terrorist Kansan-Kenyan Marxists.

Help me out here. Is this a panties in a twist because your party is fucked and is fucking us and you are secretly ashamed but too prideful to admit how horribly wrong you are and how pathetic you feel for how you have been duped thing?


All you’ll really doing is guaranteeing you’ll never be taken seriously on this issue. Obama supporters will roll their eyes at you and fellow McCain supporters will give you a hearty cheer but no real respect.



Hee, some of those are pretty cute:

McCain got in some funny lines too, I must say:

You think this is an issue that needs to be taken seriously? Why has it been ignored, then?


So it’s a joke pit then. I guess we can lock the thread?

Don’t be silly! This is just another right-wing smear attempt to whip up hysteria along the lines of “OMG OBAMA HAS A CULT FOLLOWING OF SCARY BLACK MUSLIMS WHO BELIEVE HE’S THE MESSIAH!!”

I thought your OP was acknowledging the silliness of this, with your exaggerated alarmist references to “laying in canned goods and heading for the hills”. Are you now trying to tell us that you really think this is something to be seriously concerned about?

You scoff at Kansas Terrorists, but that’s the October surprise. Obama used to pal around with William Quantrill, they got pictures.

No offense here, but from whose ass did you pull this?

I’m liking this idea. Maybe we can take all the lies spread by the right about Obama, mix it with a misinterpretation of the statements of a repudiated, irrelevant jagoff, and create a new religion.

Of course, it would have to be based on Obama’s Muslim faith (or is he the Anti-Christ, I forget), but the sacraments could be doing cocaine and getting a blowjob in a limo, forging birth certificates, talking bad about “whitey”, instituting Sharia law like his “cousin” Odinga in Kenya, stomping on pre-viable fetuses, and bombing the Pentagon.

I really think you’re onto something here Shodan.

The irony of this is that no one on the left actually thinks that Obama is the Messiah (we’re godless, after all), but the the belief that Obama is literally the Antichrist is ubiquitous on the right, as is the belief that Sarah Palin is some kind of Divine emissary, sent by God to battle the “Obamanation.” This is something that the McCain campaign has consciously played to.

You’re missing the point. This issue does not need to be taken seriously, and neither do you.