Theocracy NOW!

And yea, That One took from him the pizza and beer, and lo, multiplied it many times over and didst feed with it one hundred thousand college students…

As **Kimsu **reported, the answer is yes, your no is just an opinion against the fact that you got misled once again by the right wing spin machine.

As for Farrakan, I consider him an idiot opportunist that just wants now to equate his movement to the one of Obama, My vote to Obama is also based on the fact that he is on the record of supporting separation of church and state.

If we are going to give support to the opinion of failed black leaders, Alan Keys also said that Jesus Christ would not vote for Obama implying IMO that Obama is not the Messiah but the Anticrist, as many in the right are stupidly saying, he is also an idiot.

Bottom line: the theocracy of Farrakan is being pushed aside by Obama, I can understand why he would make stupid attempts to tell his followers that his movement is like the one of Obama.

It’s a miracle!

falls on face and trembles

Jesus Christ wouldn’t vote for anyone. You know how hard it is for high-profile Palestinians to get citizenship these days? :stuck_out_tongue:

If Obama is the messiah ,that would be a bad thing? Shodan would be in deep trouble and face damnation for denying him.
Break out your asbestos underwear.

This comes from a rich and long history of reading Shodan’s posts. The basic deal is that he is completely blind to anything but his narrow partisan world view and so will grasp at any straw, no matter how thin and reed-like to come up with something negative to say about the filthy godless liberals.

To state this another way, Shodan is the poster child for everything that is corrupt, impure and wrong with our country today. I would like to pity him, except he and his ilk are responsible for so much human misery that I don’t have it in me to do so.

I dunno, “Jesus” sounds like a Mexican name to me. Has anyone checked for his green card?

Except for the fact that this sounds like the OP of every political thread I have read on the Dope (except replace “godless liberals” with “fundie republicans” where necessary). From Caribou Barbie and lipstick on a pig and McCain profited from the S&L scandals cuz he knew one of the guys to Obama’s the Messiah and is a terrorist cuz he lived in the same city as William Ayers and Jee Biden is an idiot cuz he can’t count.

I guess I am not sure why Shodan gets called out anymore than any of the other loons posting Reeder-like shit all over the boards. Is it because he is conservative?

'Cause Reeder’s gone, maybe.

I think posters who say dumb stuff (or stuff which is perceived as dumb) eventually reach a sort of critical mass of dumb at which point everyone stops reading what they post and automatically goes into “shut up, douche” mode.

IMHO, Shodan occasionally trots out some pretty clever or insightful posts which are ignored- but he did bring it on himself.

SO the answer to this is that the substance gets ignored and the poster’s name is what gets a response? Even if its a complete non-sequitor? Interesting concept of fighting ignorance…

I dunno. If you can get Shodan to post somethng of substance some day, we can test that out.


Sure… maybe he is an idiot that is only separated from the chimpanzees by his need to cover his genitals… Who knows?
But why drop a turd in the punch bowl without even understanding what the punch tastes like or if there is even a bowl to drop it in?

If he is a known idiot without value, why respond? That was just such a jarring non-sequitor that came from out of left field. It was …just odd.

No, it is because not all conservatives are the same. Not even all fundamentalist Republicans are in favor of removing all separations of church and state, but we call it when a right wing OP makes several idiotic assumptions:

One of them is the idiotic assumption that Obama is really at the front of a religious movement that will remove the separations of church and state and that many on the left are supporting that.

Then the mention of an extremist that no one in the SDMB has supported before, with the implication that what Farracan is saying supports the first assumption, ignoring that Farracan is only using Obama to enhance Farracan’s message and that virtually all the left in the SDMB would not bother to give Farracan even the time of the day.

What substance? You didn’t cite any specific posters or examples. Your post was basically bullshit. Taking it item by item:

1.Caribou Barbie. Ok, yeah, Palin has some sarcastic nicknames. Nothing remotely on a par with the garbage that gets flung at Obama, though.
2. “Lipstick on a pig?” What the bleeding fuck are you talking about? That was a smear against Obama, not against McCain/Palin.
3. Who said McCain profited from the S&L scandal. The K5 was only ever brought up here in response to McCain trying to slime Obama with ridiculous “assocation” allegations. Keating has not been brought up to try to allege that McCain profited, but t point out that both sides can play the “associations” game.

Referencing Reeder is really anachronistic. He was banned here years ago.

I normally don’t like to be a spelling cop, but since you’ve done it twice in a row now…

it’s spelled non-sequitur.

I’m not as anti-Shodan as a lot of other liberals on the board are, and I occasionally have a civil and/or informative exchange with him, but I do have to say that his usual tensely aggressive and nasty style of poison-postmanship (which is not so much in evidence in this thread—hell, for a Shodan OP, this was positively relaxed and jovial) is often a pain to deal with seriously, and doesn’t reward you for the trouble.

He has a habit of driving by in a thread, unloading some spiteful snarkastic zinger against liberals or Democrats or whoever, and going on his Grinchy way. This pattern has caused some posters to basically just start abusing him whenever he appears. No, it isn’t always fair to what he happens to be saying at the time, but I don’t think he minds: in fact, I think that’s why he does it. He doesn’t really care how much he exasperates or insults the rest of us, as long as he can get under the skin of the so-called “Usual Suspects”.

Are you on dope? My foray into the thread was based on a specific non-sequitUr dropped in this thread…

Well I guess that goes to my point. Why? Isn’t this board supposed to be better than that? Isn’t that along the lines of DFTT? Cuz that’s kinda what I am getting from the tone of your post. Shodan is a troll, and in a twisted sorta symbiotic manner, others feed off of him by abusing him.

Quiet! If Obama finds out you said that, he’ll never heal your leprosy.