Theocracy NOW!

Wait a minute. I’m supposed to be COVERING my genitals?


No, HIS need, not yours… or mine for that matter…

Actually, it does, kindasorta.

The White Gold Wielder isn’t a Doper. Gah!

Heh-heh-heh. Just try. You can’t go so far the Inquisition won’t find you!

So he’s not Jesus, he’s John the Baptist? Can we have Salome cut off his head? Please? :wink:

No fucking way am I covering Shodan’s genitals. He can do that himself.

Now, if Angelina Jolie needs her genitals covered, then we can talk.

We can talk about Angelina Jolie’s genitals? Sweet, though there is already a thread for this I think…

Good point BG, I forgot about the Shi`a doctrine of the Mahdi. Shoulda said “orthodox Sunni Islam” instead of “real Islam”, although maybe the qualifier about “mainstream theology” covered it.

Hey, I had not realized that when the Mahdi arrives, he’s gonna have Jesus with him to help rid the world of error, injustice and tyranny! Has Hollywood heard about this? Talk about your perfect setup for a superhero buddy movie!!

…um, a movie that would make its filmmakers the target of the rage of every fundamentalist zealot in not one but two major world religions. Never mind, I guess.
(Still, I’d go see it. I picture DiCaprio playing Jesus and Matt Damon as the Mahdi, wouldn’t you say?)

I think it is mostly because I get this all the time, and I don’'t really give a shit.

I have basically given up on the election. Obama is going to win. The Blessed One is going to turn the White House beige. He will inherit a whole shit load of problems, and no doubt create a whole shit load more on his own.

So one derives what pleasure one can from the debacle. I am going to make fun of those things I find amusing, and the worshipful reverence the Obamaniacs expect of their Chosen One is a big, bad, juicy target, and I intend to kick it until it stops amusing me or my toes get tired.

All this huffy “how dare you!” is richly entertaining, in a fin du siecle kind of way.

Expect it to continue, and get worse, for the next four years or so. Or, perhaps he will screw up badly enough that it will be less than that. In which case President Biden’s pasty white ass is the next target in the sights.


Yes, and as soon as the Shobot leaves, it will be.

Just so long as you realize that referring to Obama constantly as "“The Blessed One” or “The Chosen One” doesn’t ridicule us so much as it makes you sound like a total dipshit.

Naw remember we still have, off the top of my head, Der Trihs, RedFury, Carol Stream, etc… Shodan’s inanity (Apparantly intentionally, which is a shame as the conservatives/Republicans have a bad enough rep on this board as it is.) is a teardrop in the ocean of the board’s inanity.

So you didn’t read the OP, then.


Baby steps.

Yeah I did. So?

How does that mitigate you sounding like a fuck-nugget by slinging the same shit?

The purpose of the OP was to make the point that Louis Farrakhan sounds like a total dipshit? What’s next, a thread about how the sun rises in the east?

As a certain poster sneered concerning the possibility of impeaching Bush back in 2004,

Still, if you find that fantasizing about Obama’s impeachment (or is it assassination rather than impeachment that you have your fingers crossed for? :dubious: ) helps you to endure the anticipation of his being elected, I wouldn’t want to deprive you of that comfort.

Man, you’re easily amused. I never saw the point in trolling, but if you enjoy being a bit of a jerk, its your nickel.

I don’t recall anyone in this thread saying “how Dare you” or being huffy about it, but I could have missed it. I think most folks here don’t give a rats as what Mr. F says.

After the last 8 years of screwups, it would have to a spectacular fuckup to match the mess we’re in. Interesting that you think it will be entertaining to see the country in more trouble. I didn’t vote for Bush but I hoped he would do a good job for the sake of the nation. You know, because that was more important to me than an opportunity to make fun of him or Cheney. I’d rather not be given the opportunity to belittle the sitting administration just to score a few points on message board.

No, the purpose of the OP was to make fun of the worshipful attitude of the Obama supporters, and to give them the opportunity to sound like total dipshits too.

Your cooperation has been appreciated.

And how did the prospect of impeachment pan out for you? Not so well, perhaps?

So, just possibly, I am a little bit better than you at predicting who will be impeached, and who will not.

Well, good for you. But my ideas of the prospects of the Obama circus are more predictions than wishes.

If it bothers you to hear politicians being made fun of, I suspect the Pit is not the venue for you. 'Cause there’s gonna be a whole lot of it. I expect the next four years of Biden sticking his foot in his mouth to be the purest comedy gold. And I suspect the pending collapse of the shit souffle to be not far behind it.

Cheer up, your horse looks to be coming in a winner. We already knew y’all are the sorest losers in captivity. Try to disappoint me by not being the sorest winners either.


If you Google “Obama Antichrist” you get 947,000 hits. But “Obama Messiah” yields 2.6 million. The math therefore suggests that we have a better than 2.5 to 1 chance of bypassing End Times and jumping directly to Go with a $200 check in every middle-class mailbox.

Hey, it’s worth it if puts you in a cheerier frame of mind. The current edition of Shodan is such a downer. :frowning: