He's turning into a lap cat, by gum !

Ahhh, Dobby. So named because of the bemusing skull-diameter-to-ear-size ratio as a kitten. He’s always been lovey but a bit shy when it comes to laps. In the last few months, he’s started coming to me more and more for loving, pawing my chest, nuzzling my beard, etc- then settling down on a leg for a nap.

I haven’t had a really good lap cat since Shadow died many years ago. Excellent- what is more sublime, more soothing, more perfect than a cat asleep on your lap?

I ask you.


You know the rules… :frowning:

<Channeling the spirit of Guru Singh Khalsa>You say that your kitten is turning into a lap cat, by gum. I question the accuracy of this. Where would a kitten get gum?</Channeling the spirit of Guru Singh Khalsa>

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s very nice Cartooniverse.
:::::tapping fingers impatiently:::::


You will get the “aawww, that’s cute” that this deserves as soon as I see a picture.

Gosh. My apologies. I mean… I’ve been flying. And stuff. I know. Poor excuse. Here, I believe, are three images of Dobby .

Password is " cecil "


Dobby as a kitten with his eyes closed, apparently doing a paw salute - that’s definitely worth an Awwwww…


Oh for a simple lap cat… We live with a “happy dancing”, head-butting, pillow-walking attention whore. Would that she’d content herself with curling up and sleeping close by. No, wait, she does that - usually on *my * side of the bed between my legs and the edge of the mattress, effectively trapping me, lest I disturb her…

And she’s a thief of body heat. Yeah, a lap cat would be a pleasant change.


A shoulder cat! http://my.tbaytel.net/culpeper/DragonsOfHopeUniform.jpg

I had a head cat once, but being woken by her having five kittens up there one night was not too soothing.

Awwww. I love the eyes open kitten one as well. Shows off his perfectly equilateral triangle of head-n-ears. (That was Leonardo’s next sketch, you know - the kitten head in a triangle.)

I have one of those! Molly loves to sit on my shoulder! I’ll have to try to find pictures.

Cartooniverse, how long have you had Dobby? My mother’s latest cats, ones she’s had since Mother’s day and late June, are not very affectionate. I’m wondering if it’ll change, since she’s a lap cat sort of person, but the cats aren’t cooperative.

OMG GOd, Dobby is gorgeous (though I swear when I first logged in there was a beardy guy in the pics too)! Life with Dobby sitting on your lap, kneading and purring, must be quite sweet.

Two lap cats! (Damage to chair by lap cats).

Dobby’s a doll.

FairyChatMom - is she an Abyssinian? If I ever got a purebred I’d want an Aby. I’ve heard so much about their personalities.

Are you in men’s underpants? I can’t imagine anyone would want green and white striped trousers like that??
Oh, and where else should kitty make herself comfortable when lap is not available?

Heh. My dad calls our cat Dobby, although that’s not her real name. He gave her that moniker after the way she skulks around.

I like having a lap cat around. Here’s one of my most recent ones. He’s a bit jealous of my notebook computer at present since it’s taking up valuable lap real estate.

(He makes cute take-out too.)

Heh. That was me. Interesting that it flashed on the loading page. :dubious:

FCM, she looks distressed because you’re wearing green and white panties. Woooooooooooooo !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Elfkin, I used to have him up on my shoulder as a kitten. After he would paw my chest and belly, he’d crawl up onto my shoulder and drool. I know. Adorable. Be patient, Momkin. Dobby is about 3 years old now, maybe 4. Only in the last 6 months or so does he come to me frequently for loving. Now that I am working at home 75% of the time, he appears at least once an hour for some lap time and petting.

Makes my work days much much nicer !!