Hey ABC. That Practice/Gideon's Crossover? You didn't sell me

So for the second time this season ABC’s The Practice has crossed over to another TV show. One more time and I’m going to start referring to it as Who’s The Boss?

The first one, Boston Public, I didn’t watch. Last night I watched Gideon’s Crossing for the first time. My impression: I wasn’t impressed.

Let’s review:

The poor poor boy with ADD. All he needed was a little love and attention and he would be A-OK. His mom, bless her heart, desperately wanted to get caught abusing Ritalin. All it took was that kind hearted doctor to show her the error of her ways. Notice she was calm and collected at the end, despite the stimulants still being in her system. But before that…cue music…bring in camera 1…and…we are go for passionate embrace between Doc and kid! Touching.

The Jewish Puerto Rican that was being stalked. Notice how she explained her ex. It was something along the lines of “He was smart, rich, went to all the right schools.” huh? You met in college right? He didn’t go to “all the right schools,” he went to one school. That one. Unless you actually cared where he went to high school, in which case you are a sad sad person. Basically what happened here is the writers were probably pressed for time and couldn’t think of anything convincing so they threw in this cliched explanation and hoped no one would notice it was cliche`.

Now for the main course: The Practice inside Gideon’s hospital. Strange that no one else from the law firm showed up for Elenor’s two seizures, but whatever. Gideon screwed up soooo many times during this episode. And he acted all non-chalant about it. “I tried to have my cake and eat it too,” he says all uncaring as if he had just gotten a gutter ball in bowling. No, you nearly killed a patient trying to go against not only her wishes but the advice of other doctors on the staff. That she lived wasn’t “sheer dumb luck” but the God-like abilities of the writers.

I don’t want to tune in every week to see “dumb luck.” I don’t want to see cliche and mediocre drama.

Maybe this was just a poor episode in an otherwise well done series. But if this was what they wanted to show me, a new viewer, I am quite disappointed.

One (accidental) Gideon’s Crossing viewing, about a month ago, was enough for me. Chalk up one more in the ‘unimpressed’ clan.

On the other hand, in my humblest of opinions, I find The Practice to be, on average, one of the best dramas on the air right now. Sure it’s moralizing more often than not. But you gotta go with the flow.

In my opinion, it was a poor episode in an otherwise stellar series. I’d check out at least one un-Practicized installment of Gideon’s Crossing before you judge it too harshly. Andre Braugher, Hamish Linklater, and drool Rhona Mitra rock–and the writing is almost always crisp and witty (this Monday was the exception, of course).

Oh, and while you’re at it–watch Ed.

Granted it may be cliché, but I think your criticisms are unwarranted on this point. Remember, the rich are not like you and me. They don’t just go to high school and then straight on to college. They have a little thing called “prep school,” from which comes the term “preppie,” and you better believe it matters to the other rich people which one you went to.

Besides, if they met in medical school, that means he had prep school, undergrad, and grad school under his belt before they met. Add in med school, and if he went to a different college for each of his degrees (BA, MA, MD), which is not uncommon, that’s a total of four schools. More than enough to justify the line of dialogue.

IIRC, she did say they met in college. If it was med school after all, then I’m mistaken and there was a justifiable reason for her to say what she did. As for prep school, I thought that was high school. I didn’t think even the rich graduated from high school and took more schooling before going into college. I suppose prep school could be considered “the right school” but from the clues I had gotten (i.e. old car, dingy apartment shared with a roommate) I had to assume she wasn’t the kind of person who cared what prep school someone had gone to.

Now, as for the rest of the series being better than this episode, I’m not going to argue. But I will say that this is a crossover episode designed to bring in new viewers (like me) during sweeps month! If that’s the best they have to offer, I don’t know why I should give them any more of my time.

Having sat through that episode, I have to join the unimpressed camp. Real Yawner.

On the other hand, I can now predict and write Judging Amy with ease. Fits a formula nicely. :slight_smile: