Hey beagle: Let's you and me step outside..

…to discuss this “behavior” of yours.

I think your mom and I have treated you well since we got you as a pup six years ago. We feed you good food…you get a biscuit every time we leave in the morning…and at least one when we get home. You get a pig ear every day…even those disgusting, hair still on the cover, pig ears.

We take care of all of your medical needs no matter how gross (yes, I’m talking about that little anal gland expression episode last weekend) :eek:

You have me trained to give you sips of my Guinness at night. Do you see a pattern here? You’re one damn spoiled chubby hound…but I digress.

Your behavior was kind of funny for awhile. I admit that I did my share of giggling and outright laughing when mrs beagledave pointed it out to me. I marveled at your determination to get to your prize.

The stakes have changed though. Mrs. beagledave is now with child. Her patience is, shall we say, ‘strained’ at the end of a long work day. I realize that this same gestational episode is what has increased the frequency of your “behavior”. I realize that it has made you even more determined and clever at thwarting our defensive mechanisms.

However, the time has come to draw the line in the sand. Your mother and I would appreciate it if you kept your grubby little snout out of her clothes basket.

Her underwear is NOT for canine consumption.

Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

And no, you don’t need to remind me that we both still let you lick us on our faces in spite of this.

Fucking weasel with those cute brown eyes of yours :frowning:

Mrs Beagledave: What the hell happened to my underwear?

Mr Beagledave: Uhh, the dog did it!

And you’re blaming the dog? Sheeeeyit. Feed me enough Guinness, and I’m downing ladies undies like it’s going out of style too.

Really? I heard that it was men’s, from more than a few reliable sources…

…as the fair denizens of Dublin lock up their knickers…

It’s gotten so bad with the Guinness that Clancy can be in a deep sleep on our bed…when I pop open a pub can of Guinness…she tears through the house at the mere sound of the nitrogen gas escaping the widget…

And then Poofy starts getting nervous…

I simply can’t believe it Dave.

I can’t.

My beagle Marge, is also extremely guilty of eating panties!


I used to come home from work or the gym or shopping only to find my panties scattered in pieces across the floor with Marge eyeing me innocently with big brown eyes as if desensitized to this garmental carnage.

Li’l fucker.

And once, as if this wasn’t bad enough, she had trouble ‘digesting’ a pair of hot pink satin victoria’s secret bikinis which resulted in I, the jarbaby, having to:


Many lunches were lost on that day I can tell you.

To her credit, she tends to focus on the cotton panel, leaving a great deal of the panty behind intact, but once the panel’s gone, what good are they?

Good luck my man…I suggest locking the laundry up, because chick’s panties are an irresistable treat.


jarbaby, it’s not like you to leave a straight line just lying around like that. Once the panties are crotchless, they’re no good?!? Quick - someone call the FBI - jarbaby’s been replaced by an alien who doesn’t get why crotchless panties are good!

Chiming in here with owner of beagle (actually beagle/shepherd mix) who chows on panties. Mrs. Edwin would have an apoplexy if she read this, so I’ll keep it short.

I had a lab that used to love to eat panties. When I got pregnant it got alot worse. The, ahem, flavor down there changes when you’re pregnant to what I can only imagine is doggie ambrosia. It’s ok, though. She’s pregnant which means she’s either wearing those maternity tents or is still in her old underwear, which will be about as useful as a parapalegic track team after she has the baby.
Congratulations, BTW. I just had one and it’s great!

Dear lord! I’ve just spent 8 months convincing my wife that a beagle would be the perfect dog for us, and now you go and post a thread showing that beagles are inveterate panty-munchers? I hope she doesn’t see this! 8 months of planning, hints and beagle-puppy picture e-mails all down the drain.

Oh, it’s his DOG! I thought beagledave was seriously pissed off at himself and was calling himself outside to have it out…

Yeah, our Chihuahua has an undies fetish too, although fortunately she mainly licks and chews rather than shreds.

Well, in my defense, it’s not like she eats out the crotch with surgical precision…

that doesn’t sound good at all

If her chewing was a little neater I’d have naughty lingerie for the rest of time :smiley:


Thanks for taking a perfectly good pit rant and turning it into a sordid expose’ of your sexual fetishes…

Damn cocksocket :smiley:

I have a 1yr. old husky that loves to steal and shred not only panties,but socks as well. The final straw though was when she got ahold of my favorite designer shirt and chewed a great big hole in the back. Oh, and she isn’t content with stealing them, she has to sneak them out to the backyard to do her shredding. Needless to say, I lock up my dirty clothes now in a closet.

HEY! It’s featherlou who made it dirty! I was just trying to point out that it’s a habit common to the breed!

Geez…settle down jerksauce :smiley:


You and me both, bub, 'cept I don’t necessarily wait for the undies to be off first.

Sorry, Beagledave. You know what they say, a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste :smiley:

The Inveterate Panty-Munchers!!!

Best band-name ever!!

And threads like this are why I love this place sooooo much.