Hey Bricker! You sweatin' yet?

Three glasses of a good Concord in me and I feel like a little trash talk betwixt and between the politically minded of us.

Almost 2 full years ago I accepted a bet from Bricker regarding the re-election possibilities of our esteemed President.

Note that I am not a knee jerk lefty but rather

A) a libertarian voter normally (not a talker…a voter)
B) a political watcher with experience covering the hill and the white house
C) opposed to GWB’s policies, both economic and civil libertarian, to such a degree that I fall into the ‘Anyone but Bush’ camp at this point.

My reasoning is such that I might not know what I’m getting with Kerry but I DO know what I’m getting with GWB and I don’t want more of that!


Two years ago and now this pops up and this, too. And let’s not forget this and lastly this.

OK, so how 'bout it, buddy? Hearing footsteps?

You know, this was just what i was thinking. We just don’t have nearly enough “Bush sucks” threads running on the board right now. There must be five, maybe six posts in the BBQ Pit that aren’t about Bush, and even more non-Bush threads in MPSIMS. Let’s post a few more, by all means. Just in case there are still some SDMB’ers who aren’t **bored to shit ** by the subject.

Well, you know, nobody is forcing you to read them. And there’s nothing stopping you from posting your own thread. Just sayin’, you know.

That’s funny, I was just thinking to myself, it’s so unfair that the SDMB has decided to enforce a Mandatory Thread Reading Policy. How much brighter would my day be if only I were permitted to skip over threads I wasn’t interested in? I can only speculate, sadly. Would that my evenings were filled with the sweet pleasure that is not reading threads I don’t like. Woe the fuck is me.

Besides which, this doesn’t strike me as a particularly anti-Bush thread. Note that it doesn’t even have “Bush” in the title. It’s in MPSIMS. It’s about a bet that happens to concern presidential politics.

Get a grip, finagle.

I was also thinking about Bricker’s challenge, in light of recent polls. But there’s still so much time until the election, anything can happen. I mean, something really important and vote-changing might happen, like a candidate making a goofy scream like Howard Dean’s.

Seriously, all it takes is something idiotic like that, and there’s plenty of time for either guy to look stupid riding a tank.

Yeah, well I’m an AWB, Kerry-ridin’ left-of-liberal, and I am sweating. There doesn’t seem to be anything so stupid that doing it will unseat a Republican president. Stupid just doesn’t seem to bother these people.

I was just thinking about bumping Bricker’s “I told you Bush would win” thread and asking how he felt, but held off. Good to see other people have been thinking about him too!

I am confident, although perhaps less supremely confident than I might otherwise be.

But I’m happy the bet’s in place, and I’mlooking forward to posting on Wednesday, November 3rd.

I think there should be a separate thread for the purpose, though, Bricker.

I’m looking forward to starting it. I’m planning to call it “Official Bush voter gloating thread.”

It would probably have to be in the Pit, though. :smiley:

Hell, start the thread now and just bump it on Nov 3rd.


Don’t forget that there are at least two bets regarding the outcome of this election.

(Remember, I prefer Islay malts :wink: )

Note to self: Disable the keyboard…THEN pop the cork.

Bricker, this was unworthy of me. I apologize.

But I’m still winning this thing. Unlike most, I think I’m coming by my analysis dispassionately.

Um. Though it has put my contribution to Kerry’s campaign in a whole 'nother light.

If you’re drinking fermented Concords, you probably won’t make November anyway. Switch to something halfway palatable, why don’t you??

Speak not, foul unbeliever, until you’ve tried Mt Hope’s Concord. It’s damn near perfect.

Small wineries are the BEST.

At least three, then. (Champagne, here.) If Bush loses, Bricker’s gonna be the Official Beverage Supplier to the SDMB!

Good point. I’ll just skip over the next Bush sucks thread and move to the next thread down. Oh… That’s a Bush sucks thread too. Well, the next one… Oh. Hmm.

FTR, I don’t actually see this one as a Bush sucks thread. It’s just trash talking for a bet.