Hey Chicago Hispanophiles: where can I find Day of the Dead stuff?

So it occurs to me that today is the Day of the Dead, and by coincidence I’m going ou tonight for Mexican food. It would be fun to bring some sugar skulls for dessert - does anyone know where I can find some, preferably on the North Side so I don’t have to schlep to Pilsen?

Try here : http://www.dulcelandia.com/en/locations.aspx

Thanks! I stopped by the one on Clark St. just now, on the way home - it was completely floor-to-ceiling Latin candy and pinata goodness! They had 4 different sizes of sugar skulls, plus about every other kind of Latin American candy one could possibly imagine, including tons I’d never seen before (the chile-and-tamarind ones, I had, but not the sweet potato ones!)

And bonus - they had probably a dozen different kinds of cajeta! It’s one of my great weaknesses. Heck, I wanted to buy a pinata just because they were there.

Awesome, glad they were able to hook you up.

Should you want to create a nicho, or otherwise express yourself, I’ve found http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Index.htm to have an eclectic assortment of items. I don’t know where else I’d find absinth candy, a pirate playing card set, a category of items labelled "Vices, and another category of items labelled “Virtues”.

Lynn, thank you for the cool link. Eclectic is right! I found a couple things I’ve been looking for.

Check out a liquor store that has a decent micro brew selection. Rogue makes a beer called Dead Guy Ale.