Candy Exchange anyone?

OK, so Im up for my first day at work at my new job. I havent been up this early since I gradated, and its kinda painful, so this may not be the best of ideas. In the Vodka trick thread, mention was made of lifesavers, and being unique to one country. And I’ve been wanting some Musk Lifesavers anyway. And then it hit me, there are all sorts of candies, foreign and domestic that are unique to one country or even region.
Cherry Mash bars are rarely, if ever, seen outside the Midwest. My relatives in Seattle always have me bring up a bag of them. Im sure other areas have similarly unique candys as well, and we have several foreign dopers.
Anyone up for it? Anyone know how to work it?
Ill put some Cherry Mash bars up.

I must be thinking of something else then when I think of Lifesavers, cause we have those in Canada as well, and I thought they’d be in the US. Haven’t seen Musk though.

No, lifesavers are pretty much universal. They are from the states, but Id bet theyre pretty much everywhere.

We don’t get Lifesavers. We have Polo mints, and fruit flavoured polos…

You know, I think some Dopers did this last winter, with some success. Good on you, for starting it up again.

Skybars are only found in the north. They are a chocolate candy bar with 5 bubbles along the top. Each bubble has a different gooey flavor. There is carmel, chocolate, coconut and I don’t remember the others.

I don’t what the UK have that other countries don’t - maybe some Victory V’s?

Fizzy Jerks are pretty good too.

I’m in! I love candy exchanges! I live in the midwest (but I’ve never seen a Cherry Mash bar). I’ve exchanged with Canadians in the past but I’m open to any nationality.

I learned all about the Skybar on “Unwrapped” (a FoodTV show all about packaged food) I even saw the machine that makes it! Very cool – and looks yummy.

The UK has tons of candy you can’t get in the US – Smarties for one, Lion Bars, those “wine gum” things, just about everything by Cadbury except Fruit & Nut Bars and Creme Eggs… the list goes on and on!

Hey, I’d like a piece of this, too! (Get it? Piece…candy…yeah, I knew it was lame when I typed it :rolleyes: ) Anyway, if I can find it up here in RI, I’ll send it. Any UK dopers willing to send some of those honking big boxes of Malteasers? We have Whoppers over here but they just don’t compare to Malteasers.

You don’t get Smarties? Or Malteasers?! Smarties and Malteasers are two of the major food groups. You have my sympathy.

I live near Hershey, PA, where Hershey Foods sells a lot of stuff that isn’t found in grocery stores on a national scale.

If anyone’s interested, let me know.


OK, so weve got a bit of interest. How are we going to arrange this. Ill do the work, if someone tells me how :wink: . Umm, OK, how about this, lets get a list going of who’s got what to offer, and then we’ll go from there? Anyone have a better Idea?

I think the easiest thing is to make a list of everyone who’s “in” and then match each to a person from a different country if possible, to a different region if not.

I will sell my soul for a box of Violet Crumbles. I believe they are produced in Australia. For the uninitiated it is a choclate covered candy bar with a honeycomb inside that melts in your mouth. This is clearly the greatest candy ever made.

No particular candy special to Philly – but we do have Tastycakes. Jelly Crimpets, anyone?

I’d be interested in getting some vanilla See’s suckers, if any California dopers were participating. I’lm an equal-opportunity sugar consumer, though.

California checking in - I’d be happy to oblige, twickster. I live just down the road apiece from a See’s.

This may be directed primarily to MsRobyn because it’s a Hershey product I crave (I have a good British stuff store, so I can get Smarties and Yorkies any time I want (and Malteasers)). Anyway, I’d sell my soul for Hershey Candy Coated Eggs, an Easter candy they have released at other times of the year with non-pastel candy shells (one year they were Godzilla eggs, for example). Heck, I’d take them in the Easter colors, I just love the things! Another possibility would be Hersheyettes, the M&M-type candy. I sense that they would be similar to my beloved candy-coated eggs, but I can’t find them to make sure. Is there any hope for me? I’m not sure what West Coast candy may be sought after, but I’ll gladly send anything in return.

Ooh, Scout, you just made a new friend. I’d be happy to send Tastycakes in return – they make junk food, like Hostess, only much better – Crimpets are like Twinkies (but without the film in your mouth after eating one), but have either jelly or butterscotch inside – there are also little pies (all flavors), which are excellent, and little crumb-coffee-cake things, and… ooh, all sorts of stuff.

Jesus, tastycake. mmmmmmmmm. Tastycakes with cold, cold milk. Like going to heaven.

You can get violet crumble in Canada, and it also seems to be a candy available in the Upper Midwest. It’s fairly common in Buffalo, NY, and also Wisconsin. There it’s sometimes called Angel Candy. Anyway, I can get the English (Cadbury’s? Purple wrapper) kind here in a few grocery stories that carry BritFood.

All this to say, I can get Violet crumble to anyone with a jones for it, although I’d be sending an imported product.