The international candy exchange

I really enjoyed participating in the Canada - US candy exchange, and was wondering if there was any interest in doing an international one. I would be willing to match people up if there’s enough people wanting to do it.

Does it have to be limited to UK - US? If anyone wants antipodean lollies/candy, I’d be in.

Not at all, international participation would be great!

I’d go for it! Anything for candy…

There is actually a shop in Britain that specializes in American candy. It’s at Covent Garden, London and it is called Cyber Candy. I love cinnamon flavoured candies so I go there fairly often and buy treats.

If people who are interested could include their country, and maybe an idea about what kind of candy/chocolate they like that would be great.

I would be interested – I missed the Canada / US one. I like any kind of candy, pretty much.

I probably shouldn’t be eating candy but it sounds like fun. How do we sign up? Send an email to you?

I might be interested. I love American candy and have my sister and other friends send me stuff sometimes. I can offer to send from Sweden. You can look forward to candy that is not only sweet, but also salty. (And, whatever else people might actually want to get)

The maybe in terms of interest is depending on when this happens and if I have money then to send a package…

I wanna play too! I’m with Low Key, though. If I’m between paydays, (heh), it might take me a while to get the package out.

Sneezy :cool:

Sure, this sounds fun. Although I do worry about getting chocolate in the mail these days, as daytime highs hover around 100, but hey, a little melting never hurt anyone, right?

As host of the 2005 CAN-AM Candy Exchange I must heartily endorse your endeavor.

Please sign me up, I am American.

Just as a tip for participants, there is a “Global Priority Flat Rate Envelope” at the the post office. It costs $9 regardless of weight which can be rather handy for this sort of thing.

Ultraviolet, I’m sending an email, as I want into this thing.

I’m American, will ship out of country. If it’s candy, I like just about anything except anything with banana flavoring. Banana flavore candy is what the devil has in Hell.

I’m in. My Scottish hubby would be so excited to get some of his old favorites from back home.

And as for what I’d be sending: I’ll try to come up with sweets that don’t have British counterparts.

Id love to join the candy exchange! Besides actually eating candy, it is so much fun to find new kinds you have never tried before.

If anyone has any special requests (Im in texas) odds are I can track it down. My personal favorite candies are the gummies with sour powder on/in them, toffee’s, and taffy.

And, as with many on this thread, if Im between paydays or my hours were fewer than normal it may take a few extra days to get my candy out…

I think i could get into this. I have the world’s sweetest tooth. I live in the US, and there’s some Aussie/British candy that i can’t get over here, and that i really miss.

Some Aussie and UK stuff is available in the US through specialist websites, and when i visit New York i like to go to Myers of Keswick in Greenwich Village to stock up on Flakes and Maltesers and such.

But the one thing at the top of my list would be these. I used to get them all the time when i lived in England, but the only place i’ve ever been able to find them since is an English sweet shop in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

I’m in.

My candy motto is: if it ain’t sweet, it’s not getting near my mouth. No salty stuff, please. No bitter stuff, either. Gee, maybe this game isn’t for a picky person like me. I kid. If stuff I don’t like arrives, I’ll just pass it off to someone else in the household. We’ve had enough exchange students from Europe that everyone else here has a palate for stuff like that.

My favorite candies that we’ve received from Euro students were these little gummy trolls (I think they come in a black package with neon colored writing*) and gummy glow worms (which may or may not be sour and are short and skinny, versus long and fat like standard gummy worms). The trolls have hair that’s colored different from the bodies. Mmm, yeah, I have the tastebuds of a five-year-old. :smiley:

*They’re probably Trolli brand, but Google’s not producing anything as far as shapes go. Those two particular gummies could be exclusive to Germany. I don’t know.

For anyone who might be confused, I changed the title of this thread to “The international candy exchange” from “The UK-North America candy exchange” at the request of the OP.

Now, go back to getting your sweet on.


Did someone say Candy?
I’m so in.

I haven’t done this before is there a limit? Does Fudge sauce count as candy?

Things Shirley Likes

I love hard candy. Pure fruit or herbal flavors. ( horehound drops…lemon thought I am not a lemon fan, I will suck them down…watermelon…) Not like the Jolly Ranchers, which are delicious and wunderbar in their own fillings-pulling way, but the old fashion candy drops. I am a sucker for that. I am presently working on a **Nancy’s Old Fashioned Sanded Candy Drops - Watermelon out of Dan, VA, ** which apparently are available only through stores. ARRRRGGGHHHHHH! I’m such a drama queen. sorry.

Chocolate ( not hersheys.)

As the organizer of the past Secret Santa exchange, I would like to thank you Ultra Violet for thinking, organizing this and bringing the future diabetics of the world together. :slight_smile:

I wants in!


Mmmm candy.