sweeeet caaaaandy.....

Hey, as a sideswipe of this thread, I am attempting to coordinate a trading of candies between the masses. So far, it is mainly Canada/US, but everyone is welcome to join in.

[EMAIL=myschpam@hotmail.com]Email me if you’re interested with the following info:
What you can supply
What you hope to get
Where you are. An address would be helpful, but if you’re shy, I can just match people up by email, then nobody else has to know.

So far, the list of "I want"s looks like:
[li]Kinder Eggs, Kinder Eggs, Kinder Eggs! (big and small)[/li][li]Aero Bars (dark chocolate and chunky)[/li][li]horehound[/li][li]Screaming yellow Zonkers[/li][li]Bhutan rice candy[/li][li]Dulce de Leche M&Ms[/li][li]Caramilk Bars[/li][/ul]

And people are willing to send:

[li]Stewart’s Soda[/li][li]Humpty Dumpty chips[/li][li]Mad House Munchies (kettle chips)[/li][li]Cape Cod Chips[/li][li]Maple Sugar Stuff[/li][li]Divinity (with or without pecans)[/li][li]Valomilk[/li][li]Zero[/li][li]Zagnut[/li][li]Skybar[/li][/ul]

So if you want in on this, email me, and I’ll do my best to match you up with someone with similar candified interests.

I will arbitrarily set the cutoff at Monday, noon MST. That way, the weekend people can have sweets, too! (warning: If you want maple sugar, you should email me before Thursday. Thanks.)

Enjoy the candy!

Oh, I am so in on this. Email has been sent.

I’ve got lots of stuff I want, but I’m not sure what I have that y’all will want.

So if you miss anything you had in a visit to Southern California, I’m your gal. See’s Candy is something I think I’ve seen people reminisce about, but I can’t think of much else.

Whats the deal with Humpty Dumpty being up on the American list? I can buy some at the local stores. Also could you explain what each bar/snack contains and what it tastes like?

Count me in!

Here’s the description of the ones I can provide:

Valomilk: A chocolate cup full of creamy (not solid, it’s gooey) vanilla marshmallow

Zero: Caramel, peanuts and almond nougat
covered with white fudge

Zagnut: “peanut butter toasted coconut”

Skybar: Caramel, vanilla, peanut & fudge each in their separate
section, covered in milk chocolate

Divinity: it’s basically sugar and whipped egg whites. It can have pecans in it. It’s pretty popular as a homemade candy down here in Mississippi, judging from my dormmate’s love of it, but you can also get it premade and packaged.

I sent you an email already. :slight_smile:

For the record, I can supply Kinder eggs of both sizes, Caramilks (milk and dark chocolate), and all flavours of Aero bars.

What’re these “chunky” Aero bars? What’s the chunk? And ooh, they have dark chocolate Caramilks too? Dammit, I have to go to Canada and do a 'shine run for some chocolate. Milk and dark Aeros and Caramilks, Kinder Eggs…

I’m in.

As for the Humpty Dumpty chips…they aren’t real local, only in the northeast (they are made in Maine, I think.)
So it makes sense that you can get them in Canada (well, parts of Canada. I assume you are in a part of Canada close to New England?)

Ottawa is where I’m from

Let me take a whack at describing our candy for the Americans who aren’t familliar with the sweet stuff.

Kinder Eggs, Kinder Eggs, Kinder Eggs! (big and small)
Aero Bars (dark chocolate and chunky)
Screaming yellow Zonkers
Bhutan rice candy
Dulce de Leche M&Ms
Caramilk Bars
[li]Kinder Eggs[/li]Milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside of a thin egg shape. Toy with instructions on how to build it are inside a smaller plastic egg contained within the chocolate. Best damn thing ever!
[li]Aero Bars[/li]Milk OR Dark OR Mint Chocolate with bubbles of air inside. Your teeth will sink in and not want to come back out!
[li]Caramilk Bars[/li]Amazing chocolate with Caramel inside little squares. After eating you’ll ask the question that bothers all the Canadians, How do they get the Caramel in the Caramilk bars? Comes in a milk and dark chocolate.
[li]M&M’s[/li]Not sure if these are the ones I think they are. Much like smarties but also come as: Milk chocolate on the inside, Crunchy, or Peanuts.

Dulce de Leche M&Ms are standard chocolate M&Ms, but with caramel swirled in with the chocolate. They are only available in certain markets right now - I think the West Coast and maybe parts of Texas?

Arwen, what happens if the candy comes crushed or partially eaten with a little note: Sorry, we thought it was the best bomb we’ve ever tasted
Mr. Postal

Well, then, you cry “boo-hoo” and eat what’s left. And maybe play with the Kinder toys, if they left them for you. Or you could try sending them by courier, which I have heard gets opened less than regular mail. But I have personally sent food items across the border, and they arrived just fine. It’s just your bad luck if they picked your box to search.
Thank you. Come again.

Okay, racinchikki - just for you, I made the supreme sacrifice and forced myself to buy and eat a chunky Aero.

The chunky part is a bit of a misnomer, there are no actual chunks in it. Basicaly, it’s a regular Aero, only the whole thing is all bubbly inside, with no divisions into sections.

It was good. :smiley:


Still looking for more participants…
especially Canucks. Some poor schmo will be without candy if you don’t sign up…


Just sent in my plea for candy.
C’mon people signup!

I sent racinchikki candy last fall, and most of it was gone. What remained were opened smarties boxes, which had been taped back together.

I’m surprised nobody has whined for Coffee Crisp bars.

d12, American Smarties are nothing like ours. They’re more like Rockets, the chalky circles that come in rolls. Know what I mean?

I’m in. I want Humpty Dumpty party mix. From Ontario. Humpty Dumpty in the US is different from Humpty Dumpty in Canada, as well. Danged merrikuns.

Okay, I can provide Mary Sue Easter Eggs, which as I remember come in chocolate and vanilla buttercream, peacan-covered white nougat, and caramel and pecan-covered white nougat. These things are pretty big (roughly the size of an egg-shaped softball) and native to Baltimore, Maryland.

They’re made by the Naron Candy Company and have been ballast in Baltimore Easter baskets for many years. My sister and I used to eat those things like apples at this time of the year. I think they only make the eggs at Easter, which makes sense, and also makes them more special.

I can also send Bomboy’s candy, which is made by a small, family-owned company in Havre de Grace, Maryland and is really terrific. I just took a friend of mine to the store on Tuesday and she went nuts. The Easter selection they have right now was making us drown ourselves in drool. They have the usual Easter eggs and also a fabulous variety of buttercreams, truffles, dark and white chocolate bark with nuts, fudge, pecan turtles, and lots of other good stuff.

As far as what I want… alas, nothing. I’m going to have to be a poop, and pass on the candy , because not only is it never on my diet (no carbs, no sugar), but it tends to break my face out. However, I’ll be happy to send somebody some indigenous Maryland treats!

Happy Easter, you guys!

kick in the bump
…Just keeping this on board…Last call is Monday, don’t forget!
Thanks to all who signed up so far!

Ginger -

I didn’t say it in my post here, but in my email to Arwen I definitely mentioned Coffee Crisp. Yum!!!

It’s definitely on my list of things I’d like to have sent.

last thing, I swear!!
We’ve still got more 'merkins hanging about…We need 1 more Canuck, and 1 more that’s from anywhere but the (US) West Coast. Any volunteers? In 2 hours, I’ll just match them up with each other, but don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the Kinder and you can still have your coffee served crisp.

One more person? From anywhere. Now I’ve got an odd number of people!
c’mon…someone really wants to share candy with you…