Hey Cleveland Browns fans!!!!

So far, I’m 1-1 this season in writing sigs for other Dopers based on football game results. I lost to Satan, and I beat mouthbreather.

I’m getting kinda bored with my present sig (see below), so I’m looking to give a chance of a lifetime to a Cleveland Browns fan: bet with me on the outcome of tomorrow’s football game between the Brownies and the Eagles. The winner gets to write the sig of the loser, who will keep that sig for a week.

There’s got to be a Browns fan out there right?


Okay, good, I have your attention.

So, who’s game?

Go Eagles!!!

As much as I hate em for that recent game, I must say that the Eagles are my 2nd favorite team this week :slight_smile:

As for finding a Browns fan, they have a tendency to hide under rocks and peek out whenever their team wins (which is why you don’t see em much) :slight_smile:

Well…good luck on finding one…hope you do so before you can collect Social Security :slight_smile:

Ohh…go Steelers :slight_smile:

Sadly, RugbyMan, as far as my sig-writing exploits go, the Eagles only play the Steelers once per three years.

I had particular glee writing mouthbreather’s sig after the recent Battle of Pennsylvania was won by the greatest team in Pennsylvania: The Philadelphia Eagles.

Anyway, I digress.

Where are the Browns fans?

Give it up, Montfort.

Even if there are any Browns fans out there (pssst, Lizard, where are you?) None of them would be stupid enough to put a sig on the line against the “slightly above average but still gonna kick the shit outta the Browns” Eagles.

Wait a minute, we’re talking about Brownie fans here. Sure they’d be that stupid.

So, Montfort, cherish these words, because you won’t hear them again for quite a while (out of my mouth, at least):


and, while I’m at it, Go Raiders! [sub]and please god, GO STEELERS![/sub]

“Cleveland Browns fans”? Isn’t that an oxymoron?



Oh, you’re all just so darn funny. ::Sigh::

[sub]Um, and… well… er… if I hadn’t given up gambling, I might just take you up on this silly bet of yours. Sorry 'bout that.* :wink:

Naaah…I think a Cleveland Browns fan is just a plain old moron :slight_smile:

mouthbreather, never underestimate the stupidity of a Browns fan…there’s so many of em in Erie, I get to see em first hand, and every time I think they’ve reached the limit, they somehow surprise me :slight_smile:

Well, Tim Couch’s dad, Elbert, was a teacher of mine in the 7th grade. That’s about as close as anyone would come to admitting to being a fan of the Browns.

Me, I’m a Bengals fan of course.


This is really funny. My ex- is a huge Browns fan, too bad she’s not on this board, or else she’d jump at the chance.

Actually, on second though, good thing she’s not.

But, jeez, I figured there would’ve been one fan here to take the bet.

I’m very disappointed. :frowning:

I’m not a Browns fan,
but I take the bet anyway.
I don’t have any sig,
And we forgot to have a bet when you where here, remember?
So, know you really have your change.:D:D

Anniz, your new sig will read, simply:

You can keep it for as long as you want. :slight_smile:

Oh, and RugbyMan and mouthbreather, I was a Steelers fan today, too. Lots of good that did me.

And, see you in two weeks, Sir Rhosis. :cool:

Was hoping everyone’d forget about today :expressionless:

What a pathetic display…oh well, there goes the playoffs…goddamn stupid referees.

I’ve always wondered if there was any way that the Steelers could sue the league for lost playoff revenue due to 3 blown calls…maybe sour grapes, but that’s a lot of money that they cost us with their ineptitude.

Um, it wasn’t clear in my previous reply that I’m a Browns fan? Gosh, and I’m purportedly the “moron”? (I didn’t say they were good, by the way, only that I am a fan. My heart and head don’t work together, and that’s just the way it is.)

Nah, Frannie, I don’t think you’re a moron. Having two WRs play QB, though, that’s … interesting. Norv Turner in Cleveland, anyone?

I think you should be glad you didn’t make a bet with me, though. :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool:

Okay, here it is.:):slight_smile:

Didn’t see this thread till after the game. I wouldn’t have taken the bet anyway since I knew the Browns were going to lose. Contrary to popular belief, Browns fans aren’t stupid, we just remain fans even when our team sucks (bandwagoners). BTW, what did you expect from a 2nd year expansion team with some key injuries, the Super Bowl?

Hey, ** Fugazi **, I’m certainly not a fair-weather Browns hater…I’ll despise them whether they’re 0-16 or Super Bowl champions :slight_smile:

Amen to that, RugbyMan.

You could dress up some boy scouts in Brownie uniforms and I’d still wish for their QB to get decapitated by Kirkland. :slight_smile:

Yeah, a lot of good it did us too. We got our ass handed to us, royally. So long, postseason. :mad:

Eagles are in the playoffs!
Eagles are in the playoffs!

Why couldn’t the fucking Steelers winn one game which would help us, Mont?