Those damn Brownies managed to farkle up YET ANOTHER game

The Brown’s have lost against Pittsburgh YET AGAIN.

Argh…I’d rant and rave about how mismanaged that team is but instead I’ll just observe a moment of silence.


Well, what do you expect? They’re so poorly funded, they have to sell cookies door to door instead of practicing. Plus, they seem to mostly be very young girls, which I think would be a disadvantage in the NFL.

Brownies are little girls? I’ll never eat one again, even if they do taste like chocolate.

If it means that much to you, why don’t you go set a car on fire, or break windows in a drunken stupor. Isn’t that what extreme fans do?

Only in victory.

Nah, I think I’ll just go collect on the bet I made with a female friend for the OSU game :wink:

Don’t forget to mention that it was a 3-point loss.

I hope the Steeler fans choke on their ugly yellow towels. God, I frickin’ hate the Steelers, and especially their obnoxious fans. I’m dreading the possibility of a Steelers/Raiders championship game in the AFC. Talk about lose-lose. Those two teams have the most annoying fans in the NFL. Couple of 70’s powerhouses that most football fans are sick and tired of watching win.

Browns played well today though, and never gave up – a quality I find more and more admirable than anything else.

And anyway, if you are reading this, YOUR team has fairweather fans, compared to the Browns… YOUR team does not have the consistently highest winning % for 50 years… YOUR team could not average 70,000 + fans per game while winning one out of three games (as the Browns did through the 90’s)

Browns, win or lose, it doesn’t matter that much.

Y’all can go to hell, I’m goin’ to Texas.

You may say thank you to the ex-Vikings Rudd and Griffith for doing their part and drawing stupid penalties during the last Steelers’ drive. We trained 'em well.

Geez. I bet Clevelanders feel worse than Cheeseheads.

Maybe, but at least MY team didn’t move to Baltimore. :wink:

True enough, I’d much rather have seen the Browns win. They’re an exciting young team and fun to watch. Jets at Raiders for the AFC Championship would have been a far grander result than having it played next week and then watching Gannon and co. tear through one of the North/South teams on Championship Weekend.

I may be being oblique. What I mean is, had the Browns won, they would have lost at Oakland and NYJ would have beaten Tennessee. As it stands now, Oakland will win the championship a week ahead of time against the Jets and then have to play a pointless game against either the Titans or Steelers (won’t matter).

Either way, though, Oakland against Philly/TB is going to be an awesome Superbowl.

My team DID NOT move to Baltimore. The franchise never left Cleveland; they just did not play for three years. During that time they were held in trust. The Browns NEVER moved. According to NFL Art Modell has owned two (2) different franchises. If he or the Ravens claimed otherwise, they would get sued.

On the other hand, back in 1984, Irsay moved the Colts out of Baltimore. Why? The Colts sucked. Their fickle fans did not support them. Their last seasons, the Colts only averaged 30,000 + fans a game. Irsay moved the Colts because Baltimore has fairweather fans… JUST LIKE YOUR TEAM.

Y’all can go to hell, I’m goin’ to Texas.

Wow, this rant has nothing to do with girl scouts or mythical creatures…does my lack of interest in sports show?

Whatever…if there was any certainty in football, they wouldn’t bother playing the games.

I’m from Pittsburgh, and I’m not a football fan at all, but I have to ask: what makes Steeler fans so obnoxious? What’s different about the way Steeler Fans behave that makes them the “most annoying fans in the NFL” to you?

And if there weren’t people like me, convinced that they knew ahead of time exactly what was going to happen, they wouldn’t bother to have sports bars in Vegas. :smiley:

What city was it that had a game called before the end of regulation because of its fans flinging bottles on the field, at the players and at the refs? High class, yes!

As Sam Wyche told his unruly fans, knock it off, “You don’t live in Cleveland.”

I’m also interested in knowing why I am so obnoxious.

I think it may be the bitterness speaking. Three losses by three points can make one obsessive.

I gotta say, they had us down for a while. It was looking grim in the third quarter. But we have the Comeback Player of the Year, and he isn’t done yet, I hope…

I just got back online after having my computer down for a while, so on a slight hijack- does anyone know how Weirddave took the Ravens’ elimination from the playoffs by the Steelers?

It wasn’t just the Steelers – we had some help from Cleveland in eliminating the Ravens. Then again, can anyone think of a better team to be double-teamed by Pittsburgh and Cleveland?:smiley: We missed you guys while you were gone!

Same time next year?