Those damn Brownies managed to farkle up YET ANOTHER game

Hell, yes.

Now that I live 2,000 miles away from Cleveland, I can say this safely.

go steelers

You still suck, though.
But I don’t have time for johnny come lately teams that don’t have 50 years of history behind them. And I don’t care for teams that change their uniforms to these fruity lookin things either.

So I guess that leaves the Steelers. I could do a lot worse…

Yes, Browns fans are obnoxious and borderline criminals, but the players are worse… God Bless you Turkey Jones.

Didn’t the Steelers beat the Browns three times in one season back in '94? I was in London, I don’t remember too good…

Cry me a river. They had it won and blew it.

My beloved Steelers are into the next round. Hope the Brownies enjoy playing golf. They’ve got an extra week to do it. :smiley:

Y’Know, I thought we’d be seeing you here, AD.

Go Steelers.

You are from Pittsburgh, and Browns fans have a complex about the Steelers. (and is it any wonder?)

If you want to read a funny story about this deep rooted inferiority football complex, read Drew Carey’s book. He has a story about how he hated Pittsburgh growing up and he ties in the Steelers/Browns rivalry.

Obnoxious fans? Hardly. Pittsburgh fans are mostly well behaved. I’ve been to games in Pittsburgh where fans wearing the opposing team’s colors are not abused, spit on, thrown beer at, etc. Even when the Steelers lost to the Broncos in the AFC championship a few years back, I didn’t see anyone get out of hand or endanger a fan for wearing a Broncos jersey.

Try that in Philadelphia. I dare you.

I root against everything Philadelphia because of the fans. The worst sports fans in America.

I’m not much for smilies, but what better time to toss out the :slight_smile:
(Black and Gold!)

So where should we meet?

It doesn’t really matter. Looks to me like it’s the Jets and the Falcons this year.


I’m a Redskins fan living near Cleveland.

Well, as fans are concerned, I’m screwed… REGARDLESS!

Hey…I’m a Panthers fan. Even we beat Cleveland this year.

I can’t believe it. We had that game… people were leaving early in the fourth quarter.

Well, a few of those calls in the fourth quarter were BS, and they could’ve changed things. Oh well. Next year.

Unbelievable. I’m reading this and going “Wow, a Browns fan who gets it. That’s amazing. That’s great. I think I like this guy.” But no, he has to go spit out empty headed garbage based on no facts like this:


Hey Fucknugget, you barely eeked out a win against a team with 19 rookies, and we cleaned your clock in Cleveland, a game where the “magical, wonderful Browns fans” had evacuated the stadium by the fourth quarter to go home and get drunk and fuck their sisters and try to forget they live in the asshole of America. We have $20 million in cap room next year, we’re not just gonna beat you, we’re gonna hold the Browns down and strip the meat from their bones with our teeth.


We cheer when the Browns lose. If you can imagine. :rolleyes:

It was a good game.
Its not like the Browns got 0 points, they lost by 3, in the last minutes.
Exciting game, i must say.
AND I won the bet with my son, ha!

Wouldn’t admit knowing what Brownies taste like if I were you, Tapioca …

[hijack]Best joke ever for really offending people:
“You know why I like eating Brownies? … 'Cause Girl Scouts always leave little hairs in my teeth.”

And you didn’t hear it from me. [/hijack]

Yeah! BS officials could’ve made things much much easier for the Steelers if they hadn’t done stupid shit like letting a touchdown toss by Holcomb stand even though the play clock had expired. Hell, should have been at least a 10 point win.

//insert smiley//

Is there some other pro football team in Ohio? I think I read that somewhere (don’t have a cite). Couldn’t you just root for them?

You’ll need to define ‘pro’ there, seal_clubber.

“Bungles Fire LeBeau, Tender Offer To Hogan”

Not only am I the WORLDS BIGGEST Browns fan [sub](yes I am and don’t try to convince me otherwise.)[/sub], I am married to a snerky Steelers fan. I, the nice, sweet wife that I am, lay in bed next to him while my beloved Browns stomped ALL OVER his precious Steelers, and not once did I snort, laugh, point, w00t, or make any comment regarding the obvious superiority of my Browns to his Steelers. Not once. I am as good a wife as I am a Browns fan. I even patted his hand sympathetically and said how the Steelers were putting up such a fight, and how <snicker> it was hard to win 3x/season against one team <snort>how sad <heh> I was for his team to be losing, and just being a generally good sport.

One would think my husband (who I am sooooo good to), would extend the same courtesy to me once the game was over.

So, I’m offering one slightly used husband up for grabs (only used about 8 months now). Excellent condition, only obvious flaw is choice of sports teams. I’ll throw in free shipping if you can get him out of here before next Sunday.


Go Indians!! [sub]please don’t break my heart again this year…[/sub]

As a Giants fan, I can only LAUGH at the OP. You call that Browns’ loss a choke job?

Ha! My Giants looked at the Browns’ feeble choke efforts and said, “Pfooey! You want to see a REAL collapse? An EMBARRASSING collapse? The kind that will live forever in football ignonimy, alongsode Joe Pisarcik and The Fumble? Watch THIS!”

When it comes to choking, you Clevelanders are pikers. NOBODY snatches defeat from the jaws of victory like the Jints!