Hey Dimrod, Hasselhoff is not "the next Dylan"

This is going beyond a joke.
David Hasselhoff, he of Knightrider and Baywatch, atracts the craziest of fans. In the review of the “Baywatch” Album above, one of them proclaims him as Equal to Bob Dylan and John Lennon.
What the hell is going on in the world when people can claim that he is the next Bob Dylan (and then say that he is the next Cary Grant!!)

Let me tell you something. Bob Dylan wrote great music. He captured the mood of a generation in his music.

Cary Grant was a great Actor.
I sincerely doubt that Dylan would record some pathetic Germanic Polka-rock, or that Cary Grant would throw pictures of himself at an Audience.
Hasselhoff, suck my fat one. You are not talented. You are not a great actor. If I ever come face to face with you, do not try to give me a signed autograph of yourself, lest I be forced to give you a colostectomy with it.
Man, I hate Hasselhoff.

Hey Twisty, I agree with your take on Hasslehoff. I’m not trying to stand up for his “art”. But I just read that review you linked to, and that guy has to be kidding. He makes reference to Dylan, The Beatles, Cary Grant, and calls him ‘David “GOD” Hasselhoff.’

He must be kidding.
Sweet Jesus, I hope he is kidding.
Also, I must ask, what were you doing looking at Baywatch CDs on Amazon? Is yours scratched? :wink:

It’s ok you guys- s/he’s kidding. On the level of a decent Doper at that. Someone oughtta invite him/her to the boards…
[sub]hey now, it’s gonna be ok, allright? Oh, you’re shaking, oh hey, it’s allright, yeah, there, there…yeah, it’s gonna be allright…:D[/sub]

I was actually looking at a David Hasselhoff is the Antichrist page, and it linked to that page.
I began to think that the reviewer was joking, but you should read the other CD reviews. now they are really taking him to town…

Sorry, but the following (from the OP’s link) has to be mentioned:

"Customers who bought titles by Baywatch also bought titles by this artist:

Britney Spears "

Draw your own conclusions.

The first two reveiwers are from Ohio? Coincidence? Is there much beach going on Lake Erie?

bustew needs to get out more…

BTW, Twisty, I dont know if I really buy the “it linked me to that page” story. …perhaps a little Hasselhoffphobia. :smiley:

Absoul, just for you.

Please, for pete’s sake, no one mention this to UncleBeer.

I’m gonna drop this now Twisty, thanks for the link BTW. Although I am sure you can understand my concern when fellow dopers start sniffing around Hasselhoff merchandise. He is quite popular in the European communities…

ooooohhhhhhhhhh…that Dylan

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David Hasselhoff … :: shudder ::
:: shake ::
:: convulse ::
[sub]reaching for ativan to calm me[/sub]