Hey Do Any of Y'all Ever Sweat When You in Heated Thread?

You know say you get in a heated debate with someone and you actually get mad. Do you ever sweat? Or do I need to switch brands(currently using Right Gaurd Cool Gel smells nice) or is it because I am drinking 2 gallons of water a day? Oh I can the Right Guard is working fine because I don’t smell at all in fact my wife thinks the right guard smells good even after a hard day at the office battling with other dopers.

Anyway just checking?

I have to admit that yes i do. of course, i don’t post much so maybe eventually i’ll get used to it. I also tend to smoke like a maniac

5-HT the Happy neurotransmitter

What a wimp! Do you sweat when watching TV and the kids in class say “Oh, no, not a pop quiz!”?

If that’s the case, I think you should be drinking Right Guard. :smiley:

Yeah, those flirt threads always overheat me…