Hey Dropzone. . . . Give It To Me Baby!

You know you want too. . . . .

Come on baby, I’m waiting. . . . :wink:

Come on. . . . I know your resistance is wearing down. Gimme every inch of that 2700.

Good for you, Diane! I have been wracking my tiny little brain, and couldn’t come up with anything to break the logjam. He is resisting, and proud of it!

But how could he resist a thread by YOU, with his very own name in the title? Hmmmm?

dropzone my love, come on…you KNOW it is just a matter of time anyway, and you don’t want to ignore a beautiful lady (Diane, not me) do you?

(Waiting with bated breathe)

Come on Drop, now you have Scotti tempting you. Many men have tried to resist her, all have failed.

It’s just a matter of time.

If ya think 2,700 is impressive.

Here, take every inch of 4,040.

::Gets hip deep in Diane!::

You choke me up Chief, literally. :::winky smile omitted out of respect for torpedo Scotty:::

I have no idea ** what ** this thread is about but I want to thank Diane for getting that damn song stuck in my head, again. It took me weeks to get rid of it last time.

[offspring} give it to me baby, Uh huh Uh huh

give it to me baby, Uh huh Uh huh, And all the girlies say…


Diane, dear, maybe if we go on strike?