HEY EVERYBODY! Lets KICK this board up a NOTCH!!!


Let’s add about 47 cloves of garlic.

and some pork fat!

Someone has been watching a little too much Emeril.

Do you habitually go out and cook in the park in front of an audience then hand out food? So you routinely say ‘Lets kick it up a notch’?

If so I think you have a classic case of foodian obsession…

Now’s the time to go get your self one of those ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… frozen things from the freezer!!! …And when we return… WHERE GONNA KICK IT UP A NOTCH!!!

It’s just that easy! Let’s add about a gallon of booze while we’re at it.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea…


…and now in “Stadium Theatre” the Iron Chefs prepair for the ultimate battle. Its the Iron Chef French Vs. Challenger from New York Emeril Lugossie. The “secret ingredient” this week is… PORK FAT!!!

“Turbo Dog”!

Anyone who disagrees is hereby condemned to:
a. pod-like fawing while Bobby Flay postures
b. Gordon Elliot marries your sister
c. when depressed, you must eat fish-guts ice cream (w/ fins soaked in sake for decoration) from Iron Chef.

Grouping for maalox,

Well if this is a cooking show where’s the pre pared food that magically appears after 2 seconds of cooking time?


yeah my tummy’s rumblin’. who saw emeril on who wants to be a millionaire celebrity cheat and give rosie an answer?

They all cheated. Dana Carvey gave Drew Carey a few answers too.

Ummm, yeah. PORK FAT!! WOOHOO!!! Or something. :slight_smile:

Add finely diced Kung-Pao Death Peppers!


To the baby formula! BAM!

And the custard!


And your eyedrops!


Yup definate foodian complexes

waves in the nice men in white coats Here they are just like I told you… just take them away and let them have unlimited access and ingredients in their kitchens and they’ll be perfectly happy and not cause trouble

Lets just get a bit of music here Doc… give us a bit of some of that gator music…

yeeeea, I like that, that’s nice. we’ll just put some essence in there… just a pinch… yea, right, whateva…


Alton Brown, Iron Chef, and the big Em- can’t beat 'em!

YEAHH!!! I don’t know where you people get your posts from, nut mine don’t come kicked up a notch!!!



whatever- so I can’t spell simple words


Crispy Fat Back in BBQ Sauce should be added to any meal!


Mmmm…Crispy Fat Back in BBQ Sauce


I’m slightly tipsy and ready for bed. Can I just kick around a bit, you know, in general? I’m not all that focused anymore.