Hey! FBI and CIA over here!

I’d say most spend time here, if not all their time here, during office hours. Whereas you:

seemingly prefer, other more cultural entertainment, during your free time.

An honest question: Are you on medication, G.Nome ?

I said fuck off. Because your only intention is to insult and offend.

G. Nome, if you don’t have anything substantial to rant about, and you just want to scream at some people, I suggest you go to your local bar and sollicit a nice fist fight.

All this is, is a deliberately vague OP to get people agitated, and purposely insulting responses to those that ask for an explanation.

There is no topuc, there is no target. It’s just some form of therapy you have devised for yourself, aparently.

We won’t have it.

This thread is closed, and a future one like it will result in the revocation of your posting privileges. I hope I make myself clear.

Spooje: Your abillity to correctly interpret intention is woefully inadequate.