Hey! FBI and CIA over here!

I want you to know what a sinister, pathetic little country I live in. Hack my hard drive read the evil stuff I put down in some kind of cathartic rush. I’ve long ago forgotten the passwords.
Find out for me who is really running this city I live in. Why it’s possible for women who “present with physical symptoms of illness” to be confined to the acute men’s ward of the local mental hospital. Find out if a Taliban-like class of semi-illiterates is in charge of the lives of the literate unemployed. Reading, writing and simple arithmetic: is it really too high falutin for these people? Find out if, like the country of Afghanistan, sexual hysteria is secretly rife in this one. Find out if the two-faced attitude of a large percentage of population qualifies as legal schizophrenia. Find out why so many people sit alone each and every night of their lives and, in fact, demand that others do so. Are they under house arrest? Is it autism? As citizens of the world, are these people dangerous? Hack my drive FBI. Do it for the good of America. Stop a new sort of Taliban from raising its ugly head.

What the fuck are you talking about?

What the hell are you talking about?


Ultimate simulpost.

Tre’s cool. :cool:

PS–G. Nome, you jabbering, three-eyed hellspawn;what are you yammering about you sad, sick, son-of-a-bitch? :confused: :eek: :smack: :wally

It’s in code. If you really came from Arlington, West Virginia you would know that. You know, I don’t get West Virginia, I never have. Is it a southern state or a northern state? If it’s in the south why is the country’s capital there? Is it rural (as it seems to be in John Denver songs) or is it cosmopolitan? What about East Virginia?

I can’t understand Aerials (way up high) but I don’t get all hot and angry over it.

…is this a parody?

Bosda. It’s simple.

She’s found us out.

All this time the secret anti-Gnome cabal has been tracking her movements via subdermal transponders beneath her eyeteeth which allow us to zap her with our orbital mind-control lasers. She’s onto us! :eek:

She’s obviously found that the secret master of the C.I.A. is Cecil Adams who has nothing better to do than spy on her.

Clearly she and Kathaksung are lone crusaders in a dark and private war against THE POWERS THAT BE

The secret links are all there, you fools! The congressional wives, through their secret ties to the fast food chains are in an illegal collaboration with the Bigfoots to undermine and pollute GNomes’ harddrive’s precious bodily data.

And Cecil is behind it all!

It’s all there for anyone to see.

I’m disgusted at you all for mocking her.


West Virginia? Arlington’s in Vahginya propah. And what’s this about the nation’s capital being in West Virginia? Or Virginia.

And I’m still utterly whooshed. Please help.






I feel great. I feel like Spoofe would feel if he bought some girl a bottle of absinthe. I feel like I played my country’s national anthem backwards.

Anyone wanna buy a used Freddy Doll?

You’re an American. You’re supposed to be that way. You remind me of those pretty women in empire dresses in Jane Austin novels. Always pretty, always flitting from house to house, party to party. Always in the empire line even in cold weather. Couldn’t find their way home if they tried.

It’s a Western state, you silly goose. Can’t you read?

Silly me. The Shilo ranch, James Drury, Trampus, Medicine Bow. Every Sunday here at 5 p.m. No excuses.

One channel here devotes every Sunday to retro TV. All the old classics. Mod Squad, It Takes a Thief (Robert Wagner) Remington Steele. The Monkees screen every day. There’s one thing you notice about late sixties/ early seventies TV stars: They all have such lovely, shiny, thick well-groomed hair. Sometimes I think it’s all in the lighting and other times that it’s a shame they stopped making that Farrah Fawcett shampoo and conditioner.

Whatever you’re on, I want some.

So, you still working for the NZ Tourist Board ?

G. Nome, you better make a fucking point quick, or this thread too will end up on the huge pile of Closed Nonsensical G. Nome Bullshit Threads[sup]TM[/sup] out back.

I see you’ve had another rough patch, G.Nome. It may best that you cut down on watching TV4 or Prime, though – that kinda stuff will just add to the unreality of it all.

Have you ever tried describing in plain language how you feel, how the world is perceived to be treating you, instead of these ethereal-level monologues of yours? There’s a lot of folk here who’d be only to happy to listen, and maybe help you through stuff. I’ve seen you in more rational-sounding mode in MPSIMS before this – why not give that another try?

Fuck off, idiot.

Did you have Tourettes before you decided to post almost exclusively to the BBQ Pit? Or is this forum the cause of your problem?
To everyone who has posted at this messageboard for more than a year: Can you honestly say you are not wasting your time here? Try and find out for sure. Do some kind of test. You might be surprised at how many “dopers” have some kind of Fickle [sic] cell anaemia.

Coldfire and Icewolf: Meaningless twats from the world’s most stupid countries.