Hey- Feathers, Re: Varmint hunting rant.......

…what guns do you have? I have a custom Remington .22-250 (Lilja barrel/B&L 6-24x40 w/custom fine crosshair), a full-custom 1,000yard benchrest rig in 6.5 Gibbs, and a Ruger 77 in .30-'06 (Leupold 2.5-8 with custom reticle, Canjar set trigger and Harris swivel bipod). I went to my first 1kBR match last month. I surprised myself by getting 10 shots into 6.855"

I’m just getting into shooting. Yeah, I kinda jumped into the deep end. I saved up some money when I was a soldier. I need to go get some primers and powder and I’ll be all set.

…hey wait, this is the pit. Better complain about something…yeah. I hate god damn anti gunners too. They need to pull their heads outta their asses.

Feathers has an e-mail address listed- I would suggest that you use that rather then this forum to chat about guns. (The Pitizens get very cranky over random threads that are not legit rants).

Just trying to give you a hand.


“And this one time, at gun camp…”

Keep the personal communiqués to email, please.