SLK's Birthday Shoot.

I went shooting for my birthday.

Which range?

Out at a dumpsite on private property, with a big mountain for a backstop.

I missed the edit window…

I went shooting for my birthday. I was trying out a ‘new’ Moisin Nagant M44 carbine, described in an IMHO thread where I got excellent advice. I’m very happy with it. Not exactly a plinker, but a very basic medium caliber infantry rifle with some history behind it. At an arbritrary 50 yrds I put 4/4 into my target, an old particleboard dresser we’d set on end. Those were the first rounds, with an unfamiliar rifle. Very simple to take down, load and use. And If I’m out of ammo, I’ve got a pig sticker on the end. Look out for me. :wink:

I was with a friend I’ve never been shooting with before, and he brought his favorites. Most of which I’ve never fired before, so it was a real treat.

.357 Blackhawk, SA revolver.

Winchester Model 94 .30-.30 lever action. (spits the brass over your head if you work the lever with the rifle still at your shoulder.)

.45-70 rolling block single action cavalry rifle. Open the breech for each shot? How did they fight with these? No had anything better, I guess.

Remington mod 570 12 gauge. NBD. Just used it to knock the drawers down. :slight_smile:

.45 black powder flintlock. That was the real treat. I’ve never fired black powder. Took three tries, and adding some more powder to the pan to get it to fire for me.

.50 black powder percussion cap. Well, I got to handle it. Turns out we didn’t have the right caps. All in all though, an excellent birthday. I even won the chess match, afterwards. (it was beastly hot by 9am, we were shooting at 7am.)

Well, happy birthday to me. Any questions?

And here I thought, from the title, that this was going to be about filmmaking. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday!

Isn’t black powder a hoot? I love shooting my Remingtons (Uberti replicas, actually). For the 20 rounds before they foul to the point that a scrubbing is needed, that is. Luckily this can be accomplished in the field with just soap and water and a good brush.

Glad the shoot went well, and that you are pleased with your new rifle.

Thank you. Sorry to dissapoint, cinematographywise. I was the protagonist/main character in a student film, ages ago. It was called ‘One Hat Size too Small.’ No chance in hell anyone’s seen it. I’ve lost track of the friends who were the budding filmmakers at the time, and looked it up on Utube, but whoever has the original film master hasn’t digitized and posted it.

I’m being chased by gansters in Nixon masks, but don’t notice it.

Black powder was indeed interesting. I don’t think I’ll run right out, though…

With the variety we shot today, if we had done it slightly different order, it would have been a ‘History of Firearms’ practicum.

At one point, by buddy cried out, “Look out! Apaches!” So I started reloading and firing the .45-70 as quickly as I could, safely. Breech bit me once, in my hurry. No hits. No rear sight, so I was firing high. Maybe got some of the back party of imaginary indians, coming down the hill The Lever action tried, but I saw it coming. Gotta keep your hand off the top, when you work it.

You sure he wasn’t yelling ‘Look out, Alpacas!’?

How’s your shoulder?

The first time I saw the thread title I parsed it as ‘MLK Birthday Shoot’ and thought it was in rather bad taste.

Then I read it again.

Glad you like your new toy.


So, where did you dump the bodies?

For a fairly slender 5’6" 160 lbs, not bad at all. In fact, I just rubbed both, and detected no difference. Unless you’re firing 100s of rounds, recoil discomfort is over-rated.

(tatoos, too. but don’t tell the uninked, it’s all part of the mystique.)

And, no pretty sure it was Apache. Alpacas he would have thrown in the truck for the hides. :smiley:

Oh, we left them there. We heard gunfire further up the road, but no one was in view.

Thanks, Sleestack. Oh, and Re: Recoil. We did have a padded shooting vest for the heavier stuff.

Heh. Once, in a bar, I confunded my tongue and spoke of a commercial being voiced over by James Earl Ray. (Meaning James Earl Jones). Guy I was talking to informed me coldly that James Earl Ray was the guy who shot Martin Luther King.

“Oh, I know he was a cracker racist asshole, but Motherfucker has a deeeep voice.”

Well, I get shoulder bruises after a day of shooting my HK-91…

I must admit I’ve never fired hundreds of rounds in a session, or every kind of gun in the world. I remember a very light small 5 shot .357 revolver that was uncomfortable to fire. Maybe the key is moderation. A day of? That’s like going to seven rock concerts.