Gunfire at lunch

The director of our department, one of the managers, and another manager and I went shooting at lunch today. I brought my Beretta 92FS. The boss brought his HK USP .40, and the manager I didn’t know also brought an HK USP and a S&W .357 revolver.

I rented an HK USP .40 Compact last week when I went alone, and my groups with the Beretta today were better. I think I like the Beretta’s trigger pull a little more than the HK. I fired the boss’s HK (not a Compact) and the groups were tighter than with the Beretta. I still managed to keep 'em in the 10-ring (and the head, and the arms… I only had two targets, so I chose the empty places) with either gun.

I like the “feel” of the Beretta, but that HK is pretty nice as well.

I’ll have to bring my other handguns next time.

<blink> I thought you were Quaker. <blink>

Too bad you live all the way in LA! I have a gun range out back of my very own. We have fun, fun, fun with it. I’ve been shooting since I was little, as my Dad is a champion marksman and I was the little boy he never had.

Very stress reliving.


I would NEVER shoot a gun if it made me relive stress I’ve already endured…



I hate you.

That is all.


Ev’rybody run!
Johnny L.A.'s got a gun!

Talked to a buddy of mine today who owns a shooting range…This weekend I get to go out and test all sorts of nifty handguns, and since Friday is my 21st birthday, he’s giving me “free ammo till you break yer damn elbows” :slight_smile:
So not only do I get to shoot a 50cal gold plated desert eagle that I’ve been drooling over for years with unlimited rounds, I get to do it shitfaced!

[sub]Pray for me[/sub]

How about praying for the people around you? :stuck_out_tongue: