Hey Flickerites!

I’ve noticed that we have have quite a few people from here that are members of Flickr as well. So I’ve started a group on Flickr for us to share our photographs and photographic discussions:

SDMB meets Flickr

Mods - I ran this past SkipMagic first and he gave his OK. Please tell me if there is anything else that I need to do to keep this kosher.

Well, as long as I’m going to bump this, I might as well post a cat picture

Well, I’ve added one of my pics.

Me, too.

I added one too. I’m “madmolecule” on Flickr.

I’m there now.

I joined and posted a picture of my hamster. She’s no kitten, but she’s still pretty darn cute!

OK, I’ll throw one in, using my secret identity as Pinfeather Photos.


If you haven’t gone there yet, you really need to check out Turek 's Rattlesnake photo.

I’ll check it out … I’m CairoCarol on flickr as well.

I’m in. Brought picture.

I’m in! I’m badbadrubberpiggy over there as well.

I’m in!

I’m in – but I have a different handle on Flickr. I think a few others do, which might be confusing.

Thanks for the nice comment, Zyada.

Just a bump to give those who missed the thread before another chance to sign up. We only have a few pictures, but they’re pretty good ones. Join us and link some more!