Hey, guys! I just heard this beautiful new song called Gangnam Style. No, really!

It’s surprising what you find in the pane to the right while surfing Youtube. I was looking for something entirely unrelated to music when this caught my eye, and I thought it was just too good not to share.


With some choreography and some horses, I could see that becoming a hit.

Maybe the original is best after all. :smiley:


That’s the kind of choreography I’m talkin’ 'bout. Now all it needs is horses.

Starving’s link does make clear that the song actually has lyrics … contrary to the expressed belief of leading American critic and intellectual Bill O’Reilly. :rolleyes:

I hope everyone takes a look at this version to help me decide if DooRi dances better than MiU.

That’s good; this one - although similar - is IMHO better.

Nothing tops this. Not even the original or the ones with hot Asian chicks dancing hotly.

Yeah, gotta agree. A little too strong on the guitar at times, but the singers were a tad better, especially the guy. Who’d a thunk Gangnam Style would make for such a delightful acoustic tune.

No kidding! That was pretty amazing, especially after about 1:20 into the video when synchronicity and dancing really kick in.

Having said that, somebody has waaay too much time on their hands. :stuck_out_tongue:

Clear something up for me. Is this video so popular cuz it’s so bad and weird that it’s funny, or do people actually think that it’s a good song?

Speaking for myself, at first I thought it was ridiculous and stupid and I couldn’t understand why it seemed to be so popular. But I have to admit it’s grown on me in sort of a camp way. It’s catchy and fun and I’ve actually grown to like it somewhat, but mostly I like watching it being performed. It’s silly and fun and, thanks to the background dancers, has a certain sex appeal. But is it a ‘good’ song in the usual sense of the term? No, not in my opinion. I’d classify it more as a novelty song.

ETA: I do like the acoustic versions quite a lot though.

Its the best song in the world, of course people like it unironically!

It’s not just that it’s too strong as it is that it’s just not as good. It’s all bar chords and straight rhythm. The other had variation. And while the other vocals are better (having a lot more soul), the mix isn’t as good, and they aren’t paying as much attention to each other towards the end. And I really do like how natural your video’s harmonies sound.

The best version would be a mix between the two.

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