Hey Hey! we're the Monkees and we are going on tour!

I plan on going if they get within 400 miles of my city.

Never know, this could be the last one. It took 15 years to get Michael Nesmith back on stage.

Here’s a short Rolling Stone interview with Mike Nesmith about it.

The Monkees aren’t playing the UK, but I’ve got my tickets to see Nesmith play Glasgow just before this Monkees tour! :slight_smile:

The Monkees without Davy Jones is sort of like Journey without Steve Perry. They’re still OK, but the best part is missing.

Too bad it took Davy’s death to get Mike interested in touring. I would have liked to see all 4 of them in concert. But since Mike was always my favorite, and I’ve never seen him live, I will be buying tickets.

If Mike is there, I’ll be there. Davy’s absence is a huge void to fill, but I saw them without Mike in '86, so this will kinda-sorta make up for that. I wonder if the screaming will be as loud this time out.

That’s when I saw them too. I still find their show funny. I probably won’t be buying tickets though.

As soon as I saw this thread I checked for the tour dates. They’re going to be at a theater about 5 miles from where I live and the tickets went on sale about an hour ago. I got mine! (Never saw them before and never really wanted to see them without Mike.)

As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any Monkees without Davy Jones and there isn’t any Journey without Steve Perry. Also, there isn’t any Styx without Dennis DeYoung. I could go on and on.

I’m in the 6th row for the Cupertino show…hey hey!

That interview with Mike was really interesting. He’s much more articulate than I would have assumed (of course, he’s older now). He looks like an old man!

Checked Ticketmaster. Nothing in the South at all. :frowning: You’d think they’d at least play St Louis or Memphis. Even Nashville is a drive I can do.

They are in Chicago. There’s no way I’d attempt driving in Chicago on Nov 16. I’ve only visited there twice and flew.

Mike Nesmith is an extremely intelligent and accomplished man. He is a published author, a film producer and actor, and a very successful businessman. And if that’s not enough, he and Frank Zappa were close friends, and Frank had no time for nitwits. This clip always cracks me up.

Mike was the one who always stood up to the suits. The other guys weren’t into making waves, but he really pushed for them to play their own stuff* and have some independence in the studio.
*Not that there was anything wrong with the material the tunesmiths were providing–he was after more creative input/control. He knew that the real money was in the songwriting.

I always wondered why Mike wore the knitted hats all the time. Odd choice for hot California weather.

Can you really say the group had a lead singer? And if you did, would you really say it was Davy? Mickey surely must’ve done more singing than Davy.

I didn’t want to bring it up in the “Davy Jones Has Passed” thread, but according to at least 3 separate SDMB members who somehow encountered him over the years, he was a vile, ugly, egotistical little SOB of the highest order, heaping verbal abuse and derision upon those unlucky people he came into contact with who he deemed beneath him, (apparently Mr. Jones was under the impression that he was still a relevant public figure—Quite sad, really) and this being the case, I am not too surprised that his ex-bandmates have decided that now seems like the perfect time to reunite.

I hope they make a killing on their tour now that they never have to put up with his pathetic prima donna attitude again…

He did it as a gimmick to stand out for the auditions. They loved it so much the suits wanted to call him “Wool Hat”. That might have killed the group at birth. But he kept wearing the hat for a long while anyway.

Grabbed tickets today. “Hey, Hey.”

Davy was also the lead maraca player. :smiley:

He wore that hat to his audition and it stuck. What didn’t stick was the producers wanting to nickname him “Wool Hat”. Being a Texan, Mike made it clear that he wouldn’t be called that. (from Monkee Business by Eric Lefcowitz)

All you people buying tickets are surely women 50+ years of age, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

You weren’t around in the 60s, were you?