Hey, I didn't even intent for that to be funny

OK, so we’re sitting there watching TV – well, my wife is watching, I’m in the kitchen getting a glass of water – and she cracks up over something she heard Ozzy Osbourne say. (“It scared the living pants off of me!”) She says, “He’s like the Yogi Berra of our generation. I think it’s more than just dyslexia, dude.”

To which I replied, “I think the word you’re looking for is ‘aphasia.’” After which the strangely recursive humor of what I just said hit me, and I burst out laughing.

OK, so I’m weird. Carry on.

Family got a kick out of that one:D

No, you’re not weird, but you and your wife are both wrong.

It’s not a word, but rather, a phrase.

“I’ve done enough cocaine to finance Pablo Escobar for 6 months, half as much heroin as Keith Richards, and enough of every other type of drug/alcohol, including dropping acidevery day for a solid year to kill a large herd of horses. My brain is beyond fried. But I’m rich.”