Hey! I didn't vote for this! OUCH!!

Sat down to pay bills today, opened up the car license renewal form, there’s an insert.

Then in big red letters it says:

Well, geez, people. Somebody do the math, I’m terrible at it. That’s a what percent increase?

I now wish to complain. Complain, complain, complain.

And perhaps I shall whine a little, just to keep my hand in. Whine, whine, whine.

No rants, though. Not important enough. Definitely just “whine” and “complain” level. Maybe a little piss and moan. Piss piss piss. Moan moan moan.

Thank you for listening.

62.5% increase.

Umm, what State?

Sounds like a personal problem. Have you tried a deodorant?

The thing I resent is the “CUSTOMERS” remark. Don’t insult me. Tell me: “The rego tax is going up, that’s how it is.” Or, ‘We’re removing customer service people and replacing them with a “dial 32 if you have the plague” machine because it saves us a few bucks’ not “for your convenience…”

It is interesting that this is the first time you’ve heard about this. Evidently, the Secretary made a poor fist of mobilising public support.


Daniel: Illinois. Land of Lincoln. Honest Abe, etc. Home of one of the tackiest bribery & corruption scandals in recent Midwestern memory. (drivers license facilities employees pressured into contributing to gov’s political campaign, Illinois-based OTR truck drivers caught with licenses they paid good money for… Ring a bell, or are we not famous enough for the networks?) So now they want more money from me. To pay for what, exactly?

Picmr: I think it’s more like, “Well, we’re screwed with the voters anyway, let’s hike the prices, they can’t get any more pissed off than they already are.”

“Mobilising public support”? It is to laugh. And anyway, all we’ve heard coming out of Springfield for months now has been, “bribery blah blah blah drivers license facilities blah blah blah Governor Ryan blah blah blah…” Don’t rightly recollect anybody mentioning, “Oh, BTW, for all you valued customers out there, the price tag on your personal automotive freedom goes up by 62.5% on January 1, that’s provided Y2K doesn’t get us first…”

Thanks for doing the math for me, Mom. Now, about this geometry test on Friday…

C’mon, say it with me, DDG-“Illinois First.”

Course, what it really means is “Illinois First-right after we get done with Cuba and South Africa. And maybe Hong Kong, too. But hey, Illinois is still Top Five.”

Yup Illinois First bites it in a big way. Our Gov promised not to raise any taxes, but he sure as hell jacked up the fees.

I recently moved to North Carolina from Tennessee. Now, I am responsible for paying annual property tax on my vehicle and paying for car inspections. I am not sure how much the tag renewals are, but I guess that will be a surprise! Also, there is a state tax here, which Tennessee doesn’t have. You would think that this city would have decent freaking roads and a better insterstate system. HA!!

Things I miss about Tennessee: NO state tax, FREE car inspections, clean air (not sure why it is so bad here),and NO auto property tax.

Yes, I new about these thing before I moved, but it feels good to bitch. I can’t say I miss Memphis.

Is that like car registration?

In Arizona car registration is based on the value of the car… I can’t imagine what it must be for an expensive car, it was over $250 for mine.

Me, or Anastacia?

If it’s me, I’m talking (whining) about the license plate fee, renewable annually.

Sorry, Geometry was always my weak point. They’d say dumb stuff like “Pie are square”, and I’d be thinking, “No, pie are round - and I prefer chocolate, please.”

Sheesh, people. Move to Missouri. Even after my late fees, registration was only $25 for my car. Cripes!


here in CA they just CUT our “auto tags”, by a shitload. Seems like the hot economy is generating budget surpluses. :smiley:

BUT whatever you do, don’t move here! It’s terrible, umm, bad reactor leak…umm, landsharks…