I just payed $1.72 a gallon for gas in Las Vegas.


And? are we shocked? no! They always get us! but then again we could walk.

Won’t catch me complaining – not yet, anyway.

I remember the 70’s. Sitting in line at the gas station for hours (yep, hours) on the day that you were allowed to buy overpriced gas (your day depended on your license plate number).

I waste enough money on other stuff – I’d feel hypocritical bitching about gas prices. So far, the hike amounts to about $5 a week for me.

I’d feel differently if I was an independent truck driver though. I’m sure this is really hurting lots of people.

So? Yesterday I paid for the cheapest gas and it was $1.81. ABout $5 more than a year back for a tankfull.

Yeah, the 70’s & the no top off silliness. I wonder if anyone was arrested for putting another gallon in?

I wish I could get it that cheap!
I paid $.76 per LITER!! (at 4 liters to a gallon…thats the same as $3.04 per gallon.

I paid 1.89.9 today in the East Bay, and in South City this afternoon I actually saw gas at 2.09.9. Yikes. (Thank god for public transit.)

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I feel your pain. What’s insulting tho, is that the same gas we buy here is trucked to Auburn, where it’s about a quarter cheaper!

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Here in Kansas our gas prices are up to $1.50! It’s ridiculas! It used to cost me about $12.00 to fill up my car when it was on empty and now it costs me about $15.00 to fill it up when it’s barely under half!

Has anyone gotten an e-mail about the gas strike April 7-9? I’ve received it a couple of times. Supposedly these people are not going to buy gas on those days and they say that it could hurt the companies if enough people do it. What do you think? Participate or not?

That John Denver’s full of shit man!

Rachelle, if you go to www.snopes.com and search for the term “gasout”, you will find the whole story behind this gas boycott and their explanation as to why it will not work.


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$31 to fill the tank today… Grrrrr. :frowning:

I’m with Kellibelli on this one. We Yanks have nothing to bitch about in our gas prices when we look at Canada or Europe. We’ve been pretty lucky for years. There is no sense in complaining because it won’t do a damn bit of good.

It’s about $1.60 here in Michigan.

What grade of gasoline were y’all buying? Premium or regular unleaded?

According to the Lundberg survey, gas is actually cheaper now than it was in 1980, if you account for inflation. In 1980, it was the equivalent of $2.66 per gallon: http://abcnews.go.com/local/kabc/news/32787_1302000.html

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Just paid $1.79 today! and yup… thats regular unleaded.

Don’t bother clicking on that link again. It was good the day I wrote it, but it turns out they change the news story at the link every day or so. I just clicked on it, and now there’s a story about some poor man who died after he was buried by tons of yard trimmings at an Anaheim recycling business.

When all else fails, ask Cecil.

well Goddamn Jab… talk about a hijack… Im not Michael Masterson here… haha! :stuck_out_tongue: j/k