Hey, I finally get to see the episode of "Galactica 1980" with Starbuck!

It’s coming on SciFi today at 3:00 (in about 20 minutes). I was pissed when I missed it back in '80.

The series finale, as it turned out.

But you probably already knew that.

Gosh, those pilots are the luckiest in the universe. Every time that their Vipers get shot up, there’s a habitable planet nearby. Not to mention that the Cylons, in general, seem about as fearsome as AIBO.

The uniform jackets are cool.

Actually, no. But now I do!

When I was 11, we used to make fun of the fact that the good guys can take blaster fire and manage to limp home, whereas if a Cylon ship gets hit with a lit cigarette it vaporizes. I suppose the fact that different types of ships can take different amounts of damage would explain it, though. Hey, I was 11.

Of course, the ones who died weren’t so lucky. Kind of like the red shirts on Star Trek. Bit players got killed in battle all of the time. Only the main actors hapenned to be lucky enough to live and find a planet. Why would they show us all the guys who die? It’s not that no one died, we just watch the ones that are lucky enough to make it.

DaLovin’ Dj

As are those timeless hairstyles :smiley:


The episode in question isn’t as good as I remember it, but then there wasn’t a lot of good TV back then, so it stood out for that reason.

Since then I’ve realised the polt is far from original.

And has a weird plot hole regarding fatherhood.

I wonder what the status is of the those two competing “Galactica” movies I used to hear about. Whichever one is used, I assume they will ignore “Galactica 1980” in either case.

No, it isn’t the fact that they survived. It’s the presence of the habitable planet, near enough for their hopelessly crippled craft to land on. I was at home this week and caught several episodes and this happened at least three times.

Habitable planets are not particularly thick on the ground. If the spaceship is sufficiently crippled that it can’t make it back to the parent ship, nor support the pilot until a shuttle can reach him, then the planet must be real close. What are the odds?

Of course, this is a meaningless quibble given that the writers on BG obviously knew nothing whatsoever about science or space flight.

I saw in the same episode that they were “from another galaxy” and traveled at the speed of light. So yeah, science wasn’t the strong point of the show.

Yeah, I’m with you on that one. The creepiest thing is that not only are there habitable planets every 100 feet or so in outer space, but 99% of them are populated by Randolph Mantooth!

But yeah, the jackets were cool. It’s too bad they had to ruin it by wearing those goofy helmets. I started saving up my money so that I could buy one of the replica jackets they sold in the back of Starlog magazine. (Luckily, I lost interest before I’d saved up even half.)

This used to bother me a lot more before I found out that the series was meant to be more of a Space Opera with lots of spiritual themes than science fiction.

And yeah, the jackets were pretty cool. Actually, the costumes in general were pretty cool (I mean, come on! The dress uniforms had capes, fer cryin’ out loud) Although the show was very weak as Science Fiction, and OK as Space Opera, stylistically, it was pretty well done.

I always thought that episode was worthy of its own series.

I mean here we have the cool and debonaire Starbuck stranded with his humorless robot roomate. Every week ol’Cy would go out into the night and bring back this weeks guest-star, preferrably a hot space chick.

One question, if Starbuck did the act with the hot space chick…would he let Cy watch? Would you let a robot watch?

Ah, poop. I turned it on about halfway through. I never did see it back when, m’self.

And I had to leave the house about fifteen minutes before the end, on top of it all.

So what did ever happen to Starbuck?

Starbuck moved to Seattle to open a very expensive chain of coffee shops.

Broadway Danny Rose----- I mock your feeble pun. Mock, mock, mock. :stuck_out_tongue:
Does anybody actually own one of those jackets? What kind of quality are they? Could you use one as a day-to-day jacket, or is it just made of cheap costuming stuff?

I wonder if the new movie will show a flashback to the original reptillian cylons that built the robotic ones. They never showed them on the series and I always wanted to see what they looked like. The cylons need to be scarier and a lot less stiff. The fighter ships need a little tweaking for more realism but the big ones are pretty good as is.