Hey, I just met Sinbad!

I went along with my boys’ Cub Scout pack to tour a local TV station, and who should be there but the comedian and actor Sinbad! He’s in town to appear at Hilarities. Seemed like a nice guy; said he had been a Webelos Scout himself back in the day.

So that’s my brush with a minor celebrity for this month. And you?

Woo! Anyone who ever meets him always says he’s nice.

I’m carting this over to Cafe Society, where we usually talk about celebrities, from MPSIMS.

Mod, man

He’s still alive? Or was it Zombie Sinbad?

He just had a ninety-minute (comeback, I guess) special on Comedy Central about a month ago. The first two-thirds were pretty hilarious. Then he started meandering and ended it with old school soul music for some reason.

Well, his handshake was warm, his laugh was cheery, and the word “Braiiiiiiiiiiins” did not slip his lips. Make of that what you will. Wiki shows that he’s been accused of evading taxes in California and filed for bankruptcy a few months back, though.

Was he wearing something made out of windbreaker?

Don’t think so. Leather patchwork jacket, an athletic shirt and jeans, IIRC. Is that a Sinbad in-joke?

Get his shoe! Beat his testicles!


It was old school funk and the best part of the show.