Who was The Unknown Comic and whatever happened to him?

If you watched TV in the 1980s you might remember The Unknown Comic, who initially appeared as a contestant on The Gong Show, but later could be seen in various late night TV venues, as well as on the stand-up circuit. As well as I can remember, he had a grating voice, and performed wearing a slightly too-small sport jacket fastened with a safety pin where the button should be, and a paper bag over his head. The Bania character on Seinfeld reminds me of him, to the point that I’m wondering if it could be him.

Does anyone else here remember him, or know what became of him?

Apparently, his real name is Murray Langston.

Like everyone else in the world, he has a website.

During his performance he would introduce a second paper bag by stating, “I have here, an empty paper bag.” At this point, any of the more waggish members in the audience would shout back, “That makes two of them!”

He had an interview with The Onion’s AV Club that was really fun to read:


This part always gets me…