Hey, it worked for Malaysia!

When Malaysia was first organized as an independent country, one of the constituent states was Singapore. Well, not long after that, Singapore and the rest of the country just couldn’t manage to get along. Next thing you know, Singapore’s kicked out of the country. (I know…from Singapore’s viewpoint, they left the union.)

Why not do something similar with Florida? This is two major embarrassing things to come out of there: (1) Elian’s relatives who don’t give a good GD about democracy and (2) complete inability to figure out how to run an election.

Let’s chuck Florida out of the Union!

But wheat would we do with all the old people? We need a place to put them, and there’s already too many snowbirds in Arizona.

put them in prison so they cant vote. Once they cant vote any more they arent a problem

There was once a good book based on this very idea.
They said Florida, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and some of the old Spanish Carribian Island nations should form a new country, since they have so much more in common.

Works for me.