Suggestions for the 51st state

Frankly, I’m sick of having only 50. We haven’t had a new one since 1959, that’s pretty pathetic. Here are a few suggestions

Split up California. Make SF and the Central Valley one state and everything south of Bakersfield another. They’ve had all those water disputes and whatnot, and California’s too big already, geographically and in terms of population. 1/5 of the electoral votes needed to be president come from California, talk about too much power.

Make the Upper Peninsula its own state. I never got this. Michigan lost Toledo so they get a frozen strip of forest in return? At least Toledo has a zoo. What exactly does it contribute to Michigan anyway? Snow? Plus, if the Yoopers get their own state we’d get our first Finnish senator.

So what do you think should be our 51st state? Feel free to break up your own state, especially if you’re from Texas because I can’t figure out how to divy it up. I’d divide up my own state, but it’s Connecticut and we’re small enough. Still, I’d be willing to sell the beach-hog Greenwich jerks to New York.


You know what’s weird? I thought we already had 51 states. Seriously. Maybe I need to pay more attention to things…! :eek:

Sorry, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, but as far as the rest of the country is concerned you’re all the same anyway. From now on you’re the state of New England.

The same goes for Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. You’re now the state of Mondakoting (although in the spirit of compromise I’ll let you pick another name if you wish).

Less anyone think I’m just being arbitrary, the population of New England is around 3,050,000 and Mondakoting is around 3,980,000 so both are still far below the average state population of around 5,500,000. On the other hand, I’ll concede the point was to create new states and I’ve instead reduced the total to 44.

I think we should take a bunch of land in the middle of some isolated area, clear everybody off of it, and make that the 51st state. Then politicians could dump all the nuclear waste and other garbage there without alienating any voters.

Puerto Rico!

District of Columbia.

I think the reason that we haven’t had a new state since 1959 is that nobody knows how to get that extra star on the flag. So why don’t we bring in enough states from Canada to make a whole extra row? :wink:

Hey, kniz, don’t worry. The Master has already tackled this question for you:

I say this with all apologies.

I always thought British Columbia should leave Canada and come to the US in order that we could drive to Alaska without leaving the US. And bring along the Yukon Territory as well. We’ll make you a full state. And the real benefit is that we’d now have a B-state and a Y-state, neither of which we have now.

That leaves an E-state, J-state, Q-state, X-state and a Z-state left to find.
Hello Ecuador, How you doin’? Jamaica, you look marvelous.

Don’t forget Quebec for the Q-state. Of course, they’d probably insist that we all learn French, and I’m having enough trouble with Spanish. :wink:

I, myself, have always liked the idea of Cuba as a state: just looking at hte map, it is an aethestically pleasing choice.

What about Afghanistan? We could plop New Jersey into it and as ITR CHAMPION suggested, use it for nuclear (and other) waste. True, we would still have 50 states (New Ghanistan?) but the benefits would outweigh that minor setback and we wouldn’t have to change the flag.
We could send the population of New Jersey to Nevada to dig up nuclear waste to send to New Ghanistan. VOILA. New Jerseyites should be inured to any toxicity anyway.
No offense, Jersey.::snort::

I think the Maritime Provinces of Canada are likely candidates if the Dominion blows herself up.

In the fun spirit of the OP: Ireland.

Don’t they regularly hold referenda in Puerto Rico about becoming a full-scale state? The population, IIRC, refused to give up “Commonwealth” status because they’d have to pay federal taxes as a state. But sooner or later, they will.

And thank got they already know where to put that bloody star:

I think there’s something in Texas’ constitution that says that it can be split up into five states if so needed. Why not? That makes 54 states.

And, being a Jerseyan, I wouldn’t mind ageless6’s idea of moving New Jersey to Afghanistan. It would make a nice change of scenery. I’d love to stay on NJ and watch as the helicopter picks it up. A cheap way of seeing the world. Of course, once it got there, I’d probably move to a neighboring country, but that’s another story.

Take Cook County, Illinois (Chicago & burbs) as well as the “collar” counties surrrounding it (DuPage, McHenry, Kane, Will, and possibly Lake). Combine these with the counties containing and surrounding Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Gary, Indiana. Viola! Call it Garchicawaukee.

My vote is for Puerto Rico, I really love that Island and the people too -

Or Oh Canada - we could add another 50, break up those provinces they are way too large. Just kidding canooks.

I have always thought we ought to make all of Canada one state.